• Dec12

    Explore life in USA with Air France, KLM & Delta


    A road trip through North America is a journey to a place where everything is BIGGER! The cars are larger, the skyscrapers taller, the deserts and national parks are never ending - and there are lots of them! It isn't just about size though, it is in every way a fantastic travel destination and perfect for a road trip. Experience it all with KILROY and Air France KLM Delta.



    Flight sales: Now - 10 January 2017
    Travel period: until 01 June 2017

    Airfare: Limited number of seats available for the campaign fares mentioned Flights are multi-stop round-trip (return tickets) High season black out periods (restricted travel dates) apply. To book your flights please get in touch with a KILROY travel expert or make an appointment in one of our shops. Online booking no... Read more
  • Dec10

    USA and Canada - Alternative road trips for 2017

    By Lasse
    For 2017 we present five new and alternative road trips in the US and Canada. Our very own travel experts have traveled these highways and they are great alternatives if you have already done some of the traditional road trips in the US.

    Don't wait - Book now! If you are planning a road trip during 2017, NOW is the time to book your fli... Read more
  • Oct24

    5 reasons to visit the Philippines

    Ready for the ultimate paradise? Ready to have fun, relax and experience unique travel days? Stupid questions, we know, so without further ado: the Philippines in its all glory.

    This paradise is made of lush landscapes in all hues of green, rejuvenating warmth of the sun and people, and effervescent waterfalls that make you gasp. But first and f... Read more
  • Sep15

    5 hot activities in Thailand you shouldn't miss!

    There is no doubt that Thailand is a paradise on earth! The magnificent country has it all: Great hospitality, beautiful nature, stunning wildlife, some of the best beaches in the world, remote islands, delicious food and to top it all, it's value for money! Really, what's not to like?

    Thailand has been a magnet for tourists in recent ye... Read more
  • Sep15

    5 volunteer projects in Thailand you should know about!

    Make a difference by participating in a volunteer program in Thailand. This is your opportunity to experience the Thai culture and volunteer in a meaningful way. To get the most out of your Thailand experience, volunteer first and then do tours and activities afterwards.

    We offer volunteering in Thailand within community, natu... Read more
  • Aug15

    Go east, go west - all roads lead to Fiji

    By Lasse
    The bounty islands of Fiji are a paradise and perfect for those who want to swim, snorkel or dive - or just spend their days lazing on the beautiful beaches. Fiji is also the perfect stop when crossing the Pacific or in connection with a campervan roadtrip in New Zealand.



    Travel routes with stops in Fiji Our Fiji rou... Read more
  • Aug11

    Worldwide deals with Air France KLM. Book by 29 August

    Air France KLM and KILROY just released flight deals for a variety of destinations worldwide, including: San José, Rio de Janeiro, Bali, Tanzania and Cape Town. In addition there are plenty of other worldwide deals with Air France and KLM. Search destinations and book online.

    Sales: Now - 29 August 2016
    Travel period: Dependi... Read more
  • Jun23

    5 unique ways to volunteer

    Volunteering is about working together with local communities to make a difference. All the projects below have been set up by local organisations who understand the needs and ensure time spent volunteering provides benefits on many levels. Volunteering is a great way to see a country from a local perspective and whether your focus is on childcare, wildlife or nature, e... Read more
  • Apr29

    10 tips for an ultimate American road trip

    1. Freedom with a plan There’s no better feeling than the freedom that comes with an epic road trip. A classical form of travel where you get to be your own boss and decide both the pace and the next stop yourself. That said, even the most awe-inspiring road trip will turn out better with some planning before you hit the road. Be sure to... Read more
  • Mar17

    Top 10 songs for your road trip

    The ultimate road trip experience is only complete with the perfect road trip playlist! Experience the true feeling of freedom by blasting out all the right songs with the wind blowing in your hair.

    We've collected a list of songs, true to their form, eliciting that exact feeling of freedom. The list consists of both old time favorites and a few newcomers. Windo... Read more