• May01

    Let's get going to the Philippines!

    Unless you're planning on spending your holiday at home, you most likely need some sort of transportation to your destination. Don't get us wrong, you can definitely be adventurous and cultural also in your own personal headquarters: just open your cook book on a new page, choose a world music list from Spotify, max out the heating... well, who are we kidding, travelling is always the better option. Always. 

    So let's get going. This time around we've picked the Philippines to be in the spotlight. Not that it needs much highlighting: its mere existence puts it firmly on every travellers' must-list. But how do you get there and kick start your Filipino adventures?

    Fly comfortably   Let's be honest, the flight is just a way to get to your destination, but having said that, the choice of flight route and airline does matter s... Read more
  • May01

    The Philippines - One adventure, five highlights

    Don't miss out on this amazing adventure, customized for travellers who love to be near, in, on and above water. The Philippines is truly a slice of paradise and here is the best way to experience it! 

    Duration: 10 days
    Start/Ends: Cebu City

    The Philippines is any backpacker’s dream, spread throughout 7 000 i... Read more
  • May01

    Marine conservation in the Philippines - Real results

    Diving is one of the most exciting thing you can do while travelling, and this is especially true in the Philippines. Below the surface there's a whole different, beautiful world, a world that is still so connected to the one of the dry land.

    To be able to contribute towards healthier oceans, towards maintaining the incred... Read more
  • Apr15

    Why sailing in Europe should be your summer holiday plan!

    Haven't booked your Europe sail tour yet? Good for you! We have some sweet deals, no matter if you wan't to explore Greece, Croatia or Spain. But let's start off by getting you in the right mood.

    Looks kick ass, right? It is! Imagine yourself on the deck with other young people. Dive into the bl... Read more
  • Apr10

    Combine volunteering and diving in Fiji

    If you love diving and want to make a difference in a local community, this popular marine conservation project in Fiji is something that you will love.  

    Imagine yourself in Fiji. Off to a good start on the imagenary trip, right? Now imagine that you do your volunteer work beneath the surface of the sea. That's right. As a part of you... Read more
  • Apr10

    Get fit in Fiji

    Do you dream of an active holiday? Fiji is not just about lazy days on a white sandy beach holding a fresh coconut in one hand and the sun lotion in the other. Say Bula and register for 7 day fitness program where you will get the chance to participate in diverse fitness activities at the same time you experience the unique Fijian atmosphere and hospitality with kava, music and bonfire in th... Read more
  • Mar27

    How I fell in love with Fiji in five days!

    This article is a personal narrative from the author of the post.

    It was love at first sight when the Fijian bounty islands and I encountered for the first time. And I am not good at long distance relationships, so one thing is certain - I'm going back one day.

    After 14 days of roadtripping in New Zealand, it was time for... Read more
  • Mar27

    19 reasons why you should not visit Fiji

    By Erna
    You might have heard the travel stories - white sand beaches, swaying palm trees, crystal clear water, tropical waterfalls, friendly locals and colorful umbrella drinks. Yes, they are all true, Fiji is a tropical paradise with over 300 amazing islands but there are couple of things we need to warn you about.

    1. You have probably imag... Read more
  • Mar21

    7 tips on how to survive a sailing tour

    Imagine yourself sitting on the deck of a yacht or a sailing boat with a cold drink, relaxing in the hot sun looking at the clear blue Mediterranean sea all around you. Is there something that could go wrong? Well most likely nothing especially if you remember to bring these 7 things.

    1. Sunscreen - a lot of it

    You are saili... Read more
  • Mar21

    Go retro and travel around Europe this summer!

    Do you have two weeks, 21 days or a month?

    Here are three ideas of epic trips around the Mediterranean sea you can do this summer. The Mediterranean atmosphere, amazing beaches, famous cities, little remote islands and diverse food and culture awaits you!

    Remember, these trips are only an idea - the sky has no limit and you... Read more