• Mar27

    How I fell in love with Fiji in five days!

    This article is a personal narrative from the author of the post.

    It was love at first sight when the Fijian bounty islands and I encountered for the first time. And I am not good at long distance relationships, so one thing is certain - I'm going back one day.

    After 14 days of roadtripping in New Zealand, it was time for a change of scenery during my trip around the world. I needed some beach time. And not as in 'oh this is a pretty beach'. No. I needed something that could stun me. Sweep me off my feet so to speak. So I went to Fiji. 

    A welcome commitee sent from the gods Neither me or my travel companion knew what to expect when we landed in the Nadi International Airport on the main Fijian island Viti Levu. Without claiming that we are particulary well-informed, we knew that Fijian people had a rep... Read more
  • Mar27

    19 reasons why you should not visit Fiji

    By Erna
    You might have heard the travel stories - white sand beaches, swaying palm trees, crystal clear water, tropical waterfalls, friendly locals and colorful umbrella drinks. Yes, they are all true, Fiji is a tropical paradise with over 300 amazing islands but there are couple of things we need to warn you about.

    1. You have probably imag... Read more
  • Mar21

    7 tips on how to survive a sailing tour

    Imagine yourself sitting on the deck of a yacht or a sailing boat with a cold drink, relaxing in the hot sun looking at the clear blue Mediterranean sea all around you. Is there something that could go wrong? Well most likely nothing especially if you remember to bring these 7 things.

    1. Sunscreen - a lot of it

    You are saili... Read more
  • Mar21

    Go retro and travel around Europe this summer!

    Do you have two weeks, 21 days or a month?

    Here are three ideas of epic trips around the Mediterranean sea you can do this summer. The Mediterranean atmosphere, amazing beaches, famous cities, little remote islands and diverse food and culture awaits you!

    Remember, these trips are only an idea - the sky has no limit and you... Read more
  • Mar21

    6 cool surf spots in Europe

    You don't have to go to Hawaii or Bali to experience great surfing. Europe has some sweet locations that not many people know of. Grab your board and head for one of these 6 great surf spots.

    So you want to surf like a pro but don't have time for a long overseas trip? Alright, stay in Europe then! Here you'll find plenty of great waves, and we'll guide you to... Read more
  • Mar20

    California Fly, drive'n'surf

    This is your opportunity to experience California and drive across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, visit a winery, take a tour of the biggest film studios, theme parks and the hills of Los Angeles. You may also have time to visit a National Park or two before escaping to Dana Point where the surf is breathtaking.

    Sales: Until 07 April 2017
    Travel: ... Read more
  • Mar09

    13 great photo stops on your US road trip

    By Thea
    Do you know the feeling when you have just taken the perfect holiday picture and post it on Instagram for all your friends and family to see? Let’s be honest, it’s a pretty satisfying feeling. And you know, it doesn't take a professional camera to get these amazing shots. To help you catch that perfect holiday picture we have gathered a fe... Read more
  • Dec10

    USA and Canada - Alternative road trips for 2017

    By Lasse
    For 2017 we present five new and alternative road trips in the US and Canada. Our very own travel experts have traveled these highways and they are great alternatives if you have already done some of the traditional road trips in the US.

    Don't wait - Book now! If you are planning a road trip during 2017, NOW is the time to book your fli... Read more
  • Oct24

    5 reasons to visit the Philippines

    Ready for the ultimate paradise? Ready to have fun, relax and experience unique travel days? Stupid questions, we know, so without further ado: the Philippines in its all glory.

    This paradise is made of lush landscapes in all hues of green, rejuvenating warmth of the sun and people, and effervescent waterfalls that make you gasp. But first and f... Read more
  • Sep15

    5 volunteer projects in Thailand you should know about!

    Make a difference by participating in a volunteer program in Thailand. This is your opportunity to experience the Thai culture and volunteer in a meaningful way. To get the most out of your Thailand experience, volunteer first and then do tours and activities afterwards.

    We offer volunteering in Thailand within community, natu... Read more