• Aug02

    Volunteering and diving in the Seychelles

    Do you love to dive? Imagine yourself being able to collect karma points while diving - yes, it is possible! In addition you will be on a paradise Island where you can relax under the palm trees, sunbathe on white sandy beaches, explore an unbelievable wildlife and nature, eat mangos and bananas directly from the trees and last but not least get a unique diving experience at the same time you work on a marine conservation project. Sounds pretty awesome?

    In this marine conservation project in the Seychelles, you will participate in a marine species research that contributes data that is used by other organizations. For example, the Seychelles government relies on this data to show an accurate picture of the overall health of the local coral reefs when setting and creating new management policies. While working on thi... Read more
  • Aug02

    Road trip in South Africa - What an epic way to see this beautiful country

    How many do you know that have done a road trip in South Africa? We know about it and can promise you it is epic, an experience of a lifetime! The impressions you get on the way is hard to describe with words. It is a country of beauty, contrasts and full of adventures.  

    One of the smoothest ways to get there is b... Read more
  • Aug01

    18 reasons why you should not book this adventure trip

    By Erna
    Travelling with like-minded people and making new friends from all over the world is a great way to experience new places but it can also be challenging. Why go off the beaten track when there are so many other places in the world where you can just fall right in with the mass tourism?

    Cape Town to Victoria Falls Ad... Read more
  • Jul14

    All the questions you want answered before going backpacking!

    What to do when you have a small budget and want to make a round the world trip? Bring a hammock. Don't forget that destinations varies a lot and there are destinations where you can live on a small budget and destinations where it's really hard to hold on to your money. Think smart and let us help yo... Read more
  • Jul03

    Win flight tickets for 2 to the Caribbean

    By Lasse
    We love travelling and we love competitions. Therefore, we decided to combine the two and offer you all a chance of winning flight tickets to an amazing multi stop route for 2 persons in the Caribbean with KLM on KILROY's Instagram channel!

    How do I enter the competition? All you have to do is to upload a picture that show... Read more
  • Jun19

    Backpacking for the first time (and how to plan your trip like a pro)

    Hey, is it finally your turn to get out there and do that backpacking trip you’ve been longing for? Good for you! We should tell you straight away that we are a bit jealous because there is something extra about that first time backpacking trip, you’ll see. Now, let’s get you started!Read more
  • Jun01

    Quiz: How well do you know Central America?

    Perhaps you have travelled around in Central America, or maybe you are a classic case of Besserwisser. Nevertheless, you should put your knowledge to the test with our quiz and see how well you actually know Central America.

    Don’t know Central America that well? No problem, if you take the quiz, we guarantee you will learn some c... Read more
  • Jun01

    Next on the bucket list: Central America

    Trekking in the mountains, snorkeling in the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, relaxing on the beach... If you're a travel junkie looking for the next good fix, Central America is your next destination. And with this itinerary, the trip will definitely be one for the books.

    Flight route:

    Europe – Mexico City – San Jose // P... Read more
  • Jun01

    5 volunteer projects that will give you THE experience of 2017

    Why only travel from highlight to highlight in a fast pace, when you also can get to know a destination in a different and more interesting way?  

    You can experience this by doing some volunteer work. Central-America and Mexico might be the best places to do so!

    We can help you wit... Read more
  • Jun01

    How you can travel and get fluent in Spanish at the same time!

    Did you ever think about going to Central-America, but thought that the language barrier would be an obstacle? Then think again! It is a great reason to go!

    There are so many options if you want to learn Spanish. You can decide to stay for 4 weeks in the same classroom, but we have a nicer o... Read more