California Fly, drive'n'surf

California Fly, drive'n'surf

This is your opportunity to experience California and drive across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, visit a winery, take a tour of the biggest film studios, theme parks and the hills of Los Angeles. You may also have time to visit a National Park or two before escaping to Dana Point where the surf is breathtaking.

Sales: Until 07 April 2017
Travel: now-30 June 2017  and  01 September - 31 December 2017.

Suggested travel plan and route:

  • Flight: [Copenhagen/Oslo/Stockholm/Helsinki] - San Francisco
  • Accommodation: Get an arrival package in San Francisco and stay at motels/hotels while on the road. Or bring your tent and camp!
  • Roadtrip: 14-20 days of road trip: San Francisco / Yosemite National Park / Death Valley / Las Vegas / Valley of Fire / Zion National Park / Horseshoe Bend / Grand Canyon / Joshua Tree / San Diego / Dana Point / Los Angeles Learn more
  • Surfing: Spend 8 days at the surf camp in Dana Point. Accommodation is included.
  • Flight: Los Angeles - [Copenhagen/Oslo/Stockholm/Helsinki]

For this road trip through Calilfornia and parts of Nevada, Utah and Arizona, we recommend 3-4 weeks. Count on driving 3000-3500 km to see it all.

Photos: Highlights from the trip


What is included in the package?

We have included flights, car rental and a surf adventure in the California Fly, drive'n'surf package above. However you also need to consider a generous budget for:

  • Accommodation
  • All meals
  • Gasoline
  • Entry fees and shopping

How do I book?

You need to call us to book a California Fly, drive'n'surf package. Note, prices on flights, car rental and surfing are always higher during the summer months of June, July and August, so try to stay clear of the crowds and plan your California trip in the spring or early autumn.

California - Fly, drive'n'surf package

From EUR 2227
California - Fly, drive'n'surf package
From price includes return flight, 3 weeks of road tripping around California & an 8-day surf adventure. What's not to like?
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Interested in just 1 or 2 deals from the package?

That's not a problem. Each part of the package can be booked separately. Check out prices below. 

Return flight to California

From EUR 525
Return flight to California
Return flight
British Airways wil take you to the Golden State of California. You will do a brief stop in London before the Atlantic flight to San Francisco. The return flight will depart from Los Angeles. EUR 525 airfare based on departure from Copenhagen, Denmark.
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Car rental, 3 weeks

From EUR 810
Car rental, 3 weeks
3 weeks
A set of wheels is essential for a successful road trip. You will spend a lot of time behind the wheel, so make sure to talk to us about getting the right kind of car. If you're under 25, we have special rates for you!
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South California Surf Adventure

From EUR 892
South California Surf Adventure
8 days at Dana Point
A unique California surf experience. Great atmosphere, well trained surfguides and a clean camp will give you a memory for your lifetime. California is the place, where surfing is meant to be!
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Ready to fly, drive'n'surf?
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