Chobe National Park

The wildlife and nature in Chobe National Park is great!

Travel to Chobe National Park - Amazing wildlife

Chobe National Park in northwestern Botswana has one of the richest concentrations of wildlife in Africa compared to size of the park. It extends along the River Chobe over 11,700km2 and it's Botswana's first national park. Book your trip to Chobe National Park with KILROY or contact us for more information about our large selection of adventure tours.

Botswana is recognized in Africa for having one of the best safari opportunities in the continent. Standing up in a safari truck while driving down the riverside of Chobe is simply a tremendous experience.

Experiences in Chobe National Park in Botswana

By 3PM and later all the animals move down to the river to drink, cool off, and you really don't know which way to look. The variety of animals is insane and the animals are everywhere.

In the water, the crocodiles and hippos are floating just below the surface. Large herds of elephants, giraffes and buffaloes are all moving down to the river. And a little further up from the river you can get a glimpse of jackals, lions, and if you are lucky you will also see a leopard! This safari is the best!

Camp No. 12 is located right by the riverbank, where marmosets are sitting in the trees above you to try as best they can to pee on your head ... Just for fun actually. Going to the toilet consists of a hole you dig yourself and you shower by using the water from the river. However, bathing in the Chobe river is not possible as it is one of the most crocodile infested rivers in Africa. You sleep in two-man tents and its basically a true camping experience!

On a safari in Chobe you don't waste your time. You get up at 5am to go on safari, come home for breakfast, relax a few hours and then its out on safari again until the sun goes down.
And that's when all the sounds begin. The cute little impala antelopes suddenly sound like evil demons in the dark during mating season. And then we hear the lions. The lions roar to gather the troops which often makes you shiver with fear. At night, the hippos are grazing right outside our tents. There are no fences or guards around so by all means, do not go far from camp!

It is hard to find an equally untouched and breathtaking nature/wildlife as can be found in the Chobe National Park. Life along the river is definitely unique.

Remember to not bring any food, fruits or anything in your tent while you sleep. The last thing you want is a huge elephant peeking in through the opening at night...

Getting ready for a safari in Chobe National Park

The closest town to Chobe is Kasane, and here you'll find a post office, ATMs, supermarkets and everything you need for provisioning for 2-3 days in Chobe.

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