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Travel to Gaborone - Botswana's capital city

Gaborone is the capital of one of Africa's most fascinating countries, Botswana, and the starting point for a lot of experiences in this fascinating country. This is where the adventure begins, if you for example want to explore the Okavango Delta. Book your trip to Gaborone and Botswana with KILROY.

Perhaps Gaborone isn't quite one of the worlds biggest wonders, but it is an excellent place to get acquainted with Africa and Botswana and relax before you embark on your great adventure around Botswana.

The best of Gaborone

Gaborone is a rather small capital, with only about 250,000 people. Nevertheless, there are a couple of interesting sights you should see before continuing the journey out to the nearby national parks and savannas. Among the places you should visit is Gaborone Game Reserve and Orapa House, where they sort and evaluate diamonds from the world's largest diamond mine in Jwaneng. We can also recommend the National Museum & Art Gallery, which houses stuffed animals and cultural relics of great importance to this part of Africa.

Accommodation in Gaborone

You can stay cheaply at the camp in Mokolodi Nature Reserve 12 km south of Gaborone, or stay in Boiketlo Lodge, which is the city's cheapest - and whose main advantage is that it is centrally located. We recommend to book accommodation in Gaborone and Botswana through KILROY. If you want, there are also several hotels in the more expensive range in Gaborone.

Attractions near Gaborone

In the vicinity of Gaborone, we recommend a visit to the village of Odi, where locals sell blankets, pillows, weaves and the like. A good place to see these crafts being made, and also to buy the beautiful results at an affordable price.

Other interesting villages around Gaborone are Mochudi, Molepolole and Thamaga. The former in particular is worth a visit thanks to its intriguing stone and mud walls - in other words, a typical and authentic piece of Africa.

The best place to see Botswana's wildlife on the trip to Gaborone and the surrounding area is in Mokolodi Nature Reserve, where you can camp or stay overnight in one of the cozy cabins. Here in the sanctuary one can see giraffes, elephants, zebras, hippos, impala, water buffalo, leopards and much more.

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