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Travel to Cameroon - Africa in miniature

Cameroon is a republic in West Africa, stretching 1200 kilometers from north to south. Cameroon is also known as 'Africa in miniature', because the nature is so diverse. In Cameroon you’ll find rainforests, palm beaches, volcanoes, desserts and savannas. Book your trip to Cameroon with KILROY!

Half of Cameroon is covered by forest, but there are also deserts, mountains and savannas. You will also find magnificent palm-filled beaches where you can relax and enjoy the sun or eat fresh seafood in the shade. Yes, your journey to Cameroon will guarantee to offer a little of everything and a lot of the best that Africa has to offer.

Cameroon's ancient rainforests

Some of Africa's oldest rainforests are in Cameroon. And they are inhabited by many different animals. In the northern part of the country you can visit Parc National de Waza, where there are lions, elephants, gazelles, giraffes and also a lot of different bird species. When traveling to Cameroon, you should certainly make sure to see these lush and exotic parts of the country.

The high volcano Mount Cameroon

Mount Cameroon is with its 4,095 meter Cameroon's highest point and also one of Africa's largest volcanoes. It lies off the coast and is surrounded by rainforest – truly a magnificent setting. Mount Cameroon is still active, but this fact does not deter large groups of trekkers from exploring it each year. In Cameroon you can also find Mandara Mountains, which unfolds with its arid cliffs and isolated towns spread across them. Both places are among the most interesting highlights to experience on a trip to Cameroon.

The history of Cameroon

It is not just the landscape that is diverse in Cameroon. The country is marked by influences from several sources. For many years Cameroon was a German colony until the country after the 1st World War was taken over by Britain and France. The Eastern part of the country gained independence in 1960 and the following year the Western part followed.

Cameroon is known to be rich in oil, which has resulted in both economic growth and political unrest. And the country is also famous for the local traditional Makossa music and the successful national football team, which is almost always represented at the World Championships.

Caves and local arts of Cameroon

Nearly 17 million people are living in Cameroon. The capital, Yaoundé, lies in a hilly landscape about 200 kilometers east of the port city of Douala.

Among the attractions in Yaounde you will find a Benedictine monastery and museum of local arts. If you travel outside the city, you can explore several caves, known as Akok-Bekoe.

Cameroon's many dialects

English and French are official languages in Cameroon, but since more than 200 different ethnic groups are living in the country, there are many different tongues and dialects.

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