Visit the Fasiladas castle in Gondar in Ethiopia

Travel to Ethiopia - East African adventure

If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation without challenges or unexpected adventures, then don’t travel to Ethiopia. Ethiopia is namely rather a country that will move you in all possible ways and give the adventurous traveler some amazing experiences and highlights in the form of challenging modes of transportation and incredible natural and cultural experiences. Travel to Ethiopia with KILROY.

If you are traveling to Ethiopia, you will quickly discover how breathtaking and dramatic the landscapes are. In the natural parks Simi Mountains National Park and Bale Mountains National Park you have the opportunity to watch wild animals and beautiful birds.

Simi Mountains National Park was one of the first places that came on UNESCO's World Heritage List (back in 1978), and among the most special animals here are the Ethiopian wolf, baboons of the species Gelada and the wild goat Walia Ibex - the latter two are only found here in the Ethiopian highlands. It may be difficult to travel around Ethiopia on your own, so we can warmly recommend one of our adventure tours in Ethiopia.

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Trekking in Ethiopia

There are more wild and extreme adventures to explore on a trip to Ethiopia. For example, its maze of trekking routes is also a challenge, and fortunately the efforts here are rewarded with beautiful landscapes and views. The aforementioned Simi Mountains National Park is one of the world's best trekking areas, which include a climb of  the 4,620 meter high mountain Ras Dasher, a close-up look at the beautiful Tana Lake and the nearby Blue Nile waterfalls.

Pristine Ethiopia

Unlike most other countries in Africa, Ethiopia was never a colony. The Southwestern regions are still home to some of Africa's most fascinating tribes. And there is undoubtedly something original and untouched over large parts of Ethiopia. But it is also one of the world's poorest countries, and therefore also a human and mental challenge to travel around in. No doubt that the human experiences here will touch you, especially when you come home with your backpack full of impressions.

Good to know before traveling to Ethiopia

Keep up to date on specific travel advice before you travel to Ethiopia. It’s a good idea to read the instructions on the Foreign Ministry’s website. Currently (June 2010) it’s not recommended to travel to Danakil in the Afar-region in Northeastern Ethiopia. The same applies to the country’s border areas.

Because of the risk of terrorist attacks, it is recommended to show vigilance in public buildings and other places where many people gather.


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