Travel to Gabon - an exciting country in central Afrika

The flag is striped: green, yellow and blue. The green color is a hint of the green forests in Gabon, the blue stands for the Atlantic and the yellow symbolizes the location at the Equator. The country size is 268,000 km2 - about six times the size of Denmark. But it is very sparsely populated with less than half a million inhabitants. Therefore, you can expect many beautiful experiences with unspoilt nature and wildlife on your travel around Gabon.

Gabon is placed on the West Coast of Central Africa, bordering Congo and Cameroon. Situated in the tropical belt means that it is very hot in this area. During the rainy season which lasts from October to June, significant amounts of water fall from the sky, is evident in the landscape. As much as 75 percent of Gabon is covered by lush rainforest, but there are also beautiful savannas and inviting white sand beaches.

Hippos and wild monkeys

Many fascinating nature experiences await you in Gabon and finding exciting trekking routes, providing a rush of adventure is certainly not a problem. Here you can see exotic animals in their natural surroundings and one of the most beautiful parks, Loango National Park, which has a very varied fauna with hippos, elephants, whales and dolphins. Another fascinating place is Ivindo National Park, which features live monkeys, buffalos and rare birds.

If you like a change of pace, you can explore the capital with the name Libreville. Here are high rise hotels, wide boulevards, restaurants and shops.

If you are into markets you must go to the Mount Bout Market. Here you can get everything and experience a true human hustle and bustle. So try not to get lost in the crowd and all the small alleys of the market.

Since Libreville is located at the coast there are also plenty of beach activities like water skiing, sailing, surfing, swimming and much more.

A wealthy country south of the Sahara

Measured per capita Gabon is the richest country in Sub Saharan Africa. This is partly due to the 'black gold' in the underground, which was discovered in 1930. The large oilfields near Port Gentil were founded in the late fifties. Today the port is the most important one in the country. Here you can eat well at exclusive restaurants and sleep in wide hotel beds. And the city is home to a large number of foreign employees from the oil industry.

Gabon, in other words has a little of everything.

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