Travel to Gambia and visit one of the national parks where you can meet lots of monkeys and other animals!

Travel to Gambia - the wonderful West Africa

Gambia is one of the smallest countries in Africa: A long narrow strip of land at almost 500 kilometers in length and 50 kilometers in width. The country is surrounded by Senegal, and stretches from the beautiful West African coast and inland, along the Gambia River. Travel to Gambia for your next adventure with Kilroy.

Travelling to Gambia, you'll be particularly familiar with the country’s inviting shoreline. Swaying palm trees, blue water and irresistible sandy beaches truly makes this place ideal for those who dream about relaxing under the sun.
Gambia offers a little bit of everything when it comes to tourism and travel: both fishing villages with local atmosphere and luxurious resorts with rich tourists. Gambia has for some time now been a destination for charter tourism, especially from the Nordic countries. As the official language is English, it is also easy for foreigners to make themselves understood.

Travel to Gambia and take a canoe up the Gambia River

Gambia has a lot more to offer than sun and beaches. The country is cut right through the middle by the Gambia River, which is one of the area's characteristics. The mighty river flows through both savannas and rainforests, and a trip up the river in one of the local canoes (called a pirogue), is certainly not the worst way to enjoy the beautiful nature here in West Africa. The River Gambia National Park, which consists of five islands where large groups of monkeys live, is truly a must see when travelling to Gambia.

Discover the Kiang West National Park in Gambia

Kiang West National Park is one of the major tourist attractions in Gambia. It is Gambia's biggest nature reserve, a protected area, which was founded in 1987. The park is known to host up to 300 different bird species.

Travel to Banjul - Gambia's capital city

When you get tired of cozy fishing towns, incredible national parks and luxurious hotel resorts, Gambia also offers some some city life. It's capital city of Banjul is one of the smallest capitals in the world, with approximately 50,000 inhabitants. It was founded by the British in 1816, at St. Mary's Island at the Gambia estuary, as a garrison, meant to prevent the slave trade. And the perpendicular streets witness it's architect-designed 'past.

In Banjul you’ll find white British colonial houses and wide avenues of shady trees. Visit the Gambia National Museum, which tells the story of how Gambia became an independent state or take a ferry to the other side of the Gambia River. The international airport, Yundum, is located only 24 kilometers outside the city, so this is also where the trip through Gambia begins for many travelers.

If you drive a few miles south you will come to Gambia's largest city, Serekunda, where life is hectic and even more city-like than Banjul with lots of restaurants, shops and bars. This is also where most tourists hang out.


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