Fishing boats by the beach in Ghana

Travel to Ghana - one of the friendliest places on Earth

Ghana offers you thrilling safaris, a laid-back ambiance on its beaches, and an exotic and different city life – Ghana has it all for the curious traveler.

Ghana is located in West Africa and the country touches boarders with the Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Togo. The locals are very friendly and they are more than happy to help visitors. Ghana is rich in its natural resources and human energy, and tourism in Ghana is experiencing a steady increase.

Visiting Accra

The capital of Accra is one of Western Africa’s most desirable destinations. Accra has two main markets, which are both worth a visit. The Kaneshie market sells food and spices and your belly will love you from all the amazing dishes that are served. The more central Makola Market is where you can find souvenirs such as beads, batik and carvings. Moreover, Accra has a great nightlife and a great variety of bars and dance clubs; here the mélange of Western music and African dancing and music, creates a unique atmosphere. Not far from Accra, you can visit several beaches whereas the most convenient beach is Coco beach.

Local food in Ghana

The food in Ghana is fantastic and if you like fish and seafood, you will be in heaven. Ghana is famous for its "fufu", which is an elastic porridge that can be made of either corn, bananas or a root vegetable such as, manioc, yam or cocoyam. Fufu is a unique part of the dish for the Ghanese.

What to experience in Ghana

Apart from visiting the heavenly beaches, Ghana also offers tropical jungle life, villages built on poles, and an amazing animal park named “Monkey Forest Resort”. It is recommended to visit the King’s Castle "Ashanti", which is located 6 hours’ drive from Accra. The King has no political power, but the government seeks his advice in terms of bigger decisions. His palace is a must-see. If you are looking for more action, Ghana offers an assortment of terrain to hike. You can hike Ghana’s tallest mountain, Mount Afadjato, and get a picturesque view of Ghana from above. The mountain is located on the the Togo border.

Accommodation in Accra and Ghana 

Accra offers a few international standard hotels but elsewhere in Ghana, luxury is not really an option. There are hostels and guesthouses throughout the country, but primarily in the urban areas. If you are looking to spend a night on the beach, beach huts are available in the various resorts. The Ghana Tourism Board runs the grading system and can be contacted for more information regarding hotels in the country.

Transportation in Ghana

The public transport in Ghana is good and Ghana STC is the most comfortable and most reliable form of transportation, however, you cannot always rely on their schedule. For faster transportation, you can catch a bush taxi or bush mini bus. These are handy and leave regularly.

Ghana offers a lot of sun all year around, and the temperature is typically around 30 degrees, but please be aware of the rainy season in June.