Become a volunteer in Ghana

The average wage in Ghana is 1-2 dollars per day and funding for health and education facilities is often difficult to find. Many children are forced to work due to poverty and uneducated parents who see this as the only solution.

Together with the local community, KILROY volunteers can experience and contribute to daily life in rural Ghana, helping physically and financially to lift the local communities on projects with long term sustainability.

As a volunteer you can work with:

  • Building schools and teaching
  • Helping adults to develop skills so they can better provide for their families
  • Assistaning and nursing at hospitals
  • Sports coaching and fun days for all ages
  • Working with the local radio station and IT training

Conditions are basic, which is what makes your contribution even more valuable. The more you put in, the more you will be able to see the amazing results you can achieve.

Please contact KILROY to hear more about the different projects you can get involved in.

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Volunteering in Africa

Become a volunteer in Ghana with KILROY - work with children in Africa

Volunteering in Ghana, Africa is an amazing experience you will never forget

Work with children in Africa with KILROY - become a volunteer

As a volunteer in Ghana you will touch the lives of many children and they will touch yours