Close to Mombasa you will find beautiful beaches

Travel to Mombasa – Exploring coastal Africa

Being the multicultural historic centre of activity of coastal Kenya, Mombasa is the starting point to relax or be active on one of Africa’s most beautiful white sand beaches. Get accustomed to the delicious seafood and arrange your trip to one of the most beautiful Marine National Parks.

Originally located on a bay-island, Mombasa is the oldest town in Kenya with a history that goes back a mere 2000 years. During this period extensive minorities have settled down, giving the city a multicultural character. Experience the interesting situation that has resolved from African tradition meeting Arab and Christian culture. 

Sightseeing in Mombasa

The city of Mombasa breathes history. Although the city itself might only be suitable for spending a day or two, the display of history is fascinating. Visit for example the massive construction of Fort Jesus, which dominates the entrance of the harbour since the 16th century. From there you can walk around the narrow alleys of the old city centre and breathe in ages of history.

Beautiful beaches near Mombasa

More attractive places to stay for a longer period can be found just outside Mombasa. The most popular are Diani and Malindi. Although in these areas huge Western resorts are built, you easily find a hostel or a romantic hut literally next to the beach. Be aware of monkeys racing over the roof tops at night though...

Travelling around Kenya won’t be complete without visiting these beaches. However, remember that Africa’s finest beaches attract crime as well. Be aware of “beach boys” with creative stories to get your money.

Mombasa for the active traveller

The active and sportive traveller will be pleased when staying in one of the numerous beach towns. If you don't want to lie on the beach all day, all water sports activities you can imagine, are available here! Renting wind or kite surfing equipment shouldn’t be a problem. Moreover, the Marine National Parks of Kisite, Watamu or Malindi make great spots for snorkelling and scuba diving. Lose yourself in the colourful world below the water surface and be amazed by the shapes and colours of the coral and the wide variety of fish species. While you’re sailing to your diving spot it’s likely that dolphins will pop up next to your boat. In the late summer and fall you might even encounter a group of humpback whales.

Wildlife near Mombasa

Located just outside Mombasa, the Shimba Hills National Reserve is a perfect place for a mini-safari. However, for serious wildlife safaris you have to travel a little further. Learn more about safari in Kenya.

Dining experiences in Mombasa and Kenya

After you’ve seen all those fish while snorkelling, it’s definitely time to eat them! If you like seafood, Kenya’s coast will be a culinary heaven. Top-end restaurants with expressive names as “Charlie’s Claws” cater for super service, top-quality dinner experiences. However, every (ridiculously cheap) local joint that is located on the shore is likely to prepare their seafood in their own particular, but delicious way as well. For the more adventurous travellers there’s always the possibility to catch your own lunch or go to the market to buy some of the fresh fish and prepare it yourself.

If you've been on safari in Kenya or Tanzania, Mombasa is generally a good place to end the trip as you can relax and enjoy the beach life.

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