Beautiful rainbow over the Sani pass

Travel to Lesotho - an overlooked gem

Smack down in the middle of South Africa lies the small African country of Lesotho. An almost completely unknown territory for most Europeans, but indeed a country that deserves more attention than that. Buy your travel to Lesotho with KILROY!

A trip to Lesotho is almost like a journey to another world. A country so pristine and magnificent, that you quickly feel like your are alone in the world in an absolute good way! The country is called 'Kingdom of Heaven' and this is not hard to understand: a large part of the country consists of mountainous, beautiful areas populated by proud people and plenty of hiking trails and opportunities to explore this virgin nature.

Traveling Lesotho on a horseback

The remote and pristine parts of Lesotho is waiting to be explored from the back of a local Basotho pony. An amazing way of traveling, especially because you will quickly 'immerse yourself in the environment' and get the perfect experience of this – in the best sense of the word – quiet and remote country. Yes, travelling to Lesotho can almost feel like a trip back in time. And a perfect break from traveling in South Africa, which surrounds Lesotho.

Lesothos 'lowland' and Sehlabathebe National Park

Well, lowlands might not be the right word here, since the lowest parts of Lesotho lies in about 1,400 meters altitude. But in these lower parts of the country you can be fascinated by ancient dinosaur footprints and shop some of the area's distinctive crafts. Continue to Sehlabathebe National Park, which alone is worth a visit because of its isolated location and harsh nature. Here you get the wild nature to yourself, and why not take a trek or ride on horseback to the area's beautiful waterfalls.


Lesothos mountains

Semonkong, Malealea and Sani Pass are the names of the best and most exciting places in the mountainous areas of Lesotho. Again, these areas are remote and relatively unexplored, and the best way to experience them is to join one of the local tours, which typically goes through South Africa and other countries in Southern Africa. It is also in these mountains, you can experience the unique Basotho villages. Most of the country’s mountains are found in the central and north-eastern parts of Lesotho, and many of these magnificent mountains offer views to beautiful valleys.

Traveling to and around Lesotho

There are a number of opportunities to travel to Lesotho from South Africa. There is, for example, daily minibuses between Underberg in South Africa and Mekothlong in Lesotho via Sani Pass, while Big Sky Coaches and Inter Cape also has daily flights between Bloomfontein in South Africa and Maseru, capital of Lesotho.

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