Travel to Madagascar, there is no other similar place in this world.

Travel to Madagascar - the real Noah's Arc

This is the expedition to those looking for real life Noah’s Arc and remote places! The diversity of plants and animals in Madagascar is simply amazing. You can hike in nature’s wonderland of waterfalls, go diving or just relax on the beach. There’s simply no other place like this on earth.

In Madagascar you will find strangest animals and lush vegetation flourishing in rainforests. There’s simply no place in the world to compare with Madagascar. 
This unique country is an island in the Indian Ocean, east coast of Africa. Madagascar consists of six provinces: Antananarivo, Antsiranana, Fianarantsoa, Mahajanga, Toamasina, and Toliara. The first one serves as the capital and also the biggest city on the island. Here you will find all the basic services and shops.

Travel to Madagascar - the fourth largest island in the world

There are about 21.1 million people living on this fourth largest island in the world. Here they grow rice, coffee and vanilla. The local culture is fascinating because it consists of a mix of many cultures, often thought to be closer to the Asian way of thinking than the African. Many of the inhabitants still believe in ancient magic and spirits, and a lot of the people living in hill areas have preserved the traditional life style. Needless to say, this is intriguing for a visitor. 

Madagascar is also a home to 5% of all the animals in the world, most of which you won’t be able to spot anywhere else, like for example the elephant birds. The flora and fauna of this island is unique, with about 10,000 different plants to be found. Most travelers go to Southern parts of the island, here you will find beautiful, dry rainforests. In the east is where the tropical rainforests are found.

Snorkling, diving, camping and hiking in Madagascar

Want to see some migrating whales while snorkling or diving in the same waters? Head to Ifaty around July and August, around that time the whales move trough Mozambique Channel. You might also see some sharks while diving. Anakao is known to have really cool diving waters. Just feel like tanning on the beach? Beach lovers can head to North of Ifaty.

Park National de l’Isalo has some amazing hiking trails, beautiful waterfalls and canyons beyond your dreams. Start the trek from the village of Ranohira. It's worth trekking further from the most popular paths to see the best of this amazing park. Also don't miss La Maison d'Isalo, which is a nice eco-museum. It explains interactively, interesting stuff about the island's rich biodiversity and local culture. Park National d'Andohahela and Parc National d'Ankarafantsika are also a must see for nature lovers.

The area around Locaro Peninsula, covered by nice beaches and rainforest is the destination for those wanting to spend some nights camping outside.

Getting around the beautiful island of Madagascar

You can access the island by boat or plane. Several companies fly here from Europe and Africa, like Johannesburg and Nairobi. Boat route is from east coast of Mauritius, Toamasina.
Air Madagascar has many routes in the country. There are also trains to different locations and busses run from Toliara to Ifaty. Still, if you want to get to more remote places, be prepared to encounter some trouble regarding transportation. This is not always the easiest destination to make explorations, but you will be greatly rewarded with the nature's magnificent beauty.

There are various local behavioral rules on this island and travelers should respect these by all means, so read your guide book before the trip. As deforestation is a growing problem, consider twice of purchasing wooden souvenirs and the same goes for souvenirs made out of corals. Kilroy recommends that it's best to travel during the dry season -ranging from April to October, if you are planning to go trekking.


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