You might actually see camels on the beach in Morocco

Travel to Agadir - Surf's up

Agadir is located in the southern part of Morocco and because of its warm climate this is a popular charter destination. There are several surf camps in the area around Agadir and this is a great place to surf for both beginners and advanced surfers. Travel to Agadir with KILROY.

The beach is where things happen in Agadir. Sunbathe, eat at local restaurants or book a stay at a surf camp. The main season for surfing is from November to March, but surfing is possible all year round in Agadir.

If you want to get away from the hustle on the beach you can use the opportunity to learn more about the local history and pay a visit to The Museum Municipal du Patrimoine Amazigh. Here you can learn more about the Berber culture and see Berger objects like instruments, jewellery and traditional clothing.

You can also take a 20 minute walk up to the 50 year old ruins of Kabah where you can get a view of the city from above.

Shopping in Agadir

Visit Souk El Had. Her you will find more than 3000 stalls that sell everything from the standard Moroccan souvenirs to fruits and vegetables. A good tip is to visit some of the few fixed price shops so you get an overview of the price level before you start bargaining the price down to a reasonable level.

Eating and drinking in Agadir

The cheapest restaurants are located in the area around New Talbourjt. Head for the beach, if you are craving sea food or want to try something else than the traditional Moroccan food. At the beach you can find restaurants with menus from all over the world, but this is also the most expensive place to eat in Agadir. For a quick snack you should try the pastry shops selling sweet fried bread.

For those craving a party there are several night clubs and cafes where you can talk and mingle throughout the night.

Travelling to and from Agadir

There are both international charter flights and ordinary routes flying in and out Agadir on a daily basis. Agadir is not connected by train but there are several long distance busses that can take you to some of the other large cities in Morocco.


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