A typical moroccan house in Essaouira

Travel to Essaouira – a semi-bohemian coastpearl

You don’t even have time to get off the bus, take off your backpack and follow the crowd making its way to the city-centre before you fall. You fall in love, and we can assure you, it doesn’t take long!

The picturesque Essaouira

When you travel to Essaouira you fall in love. They say Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix did it, just like many before and after them. Essaouira has an unaffected charm that’s really hard to resist, even if you try. The white and blue houses, the refreshing alizee-winds, the crying gulls, the picturesque cobblestoned streets, the numerous stands of colourful spices. The list of charm-elements in Essaouira never ends.

Things to do in Essaouira

There are endless ways to enjoy yourself and relax when you travel to Essaouira. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere by people watching, nibbling roasted almonds and fantasising about times gone by. If you want to be a bit more active you can enjoy good windsurfing or play football on the beach.

Shopping in Essaouira

Essaouira is famous for its wooden handcraft, so visiting one of the boutiques can be a fun experience. Strolling among the countless market stalls is, by the way, one of the “have-to's” while visiting Essaouira. Row after row with stalls and boutiques with everything you can imagine between fruit, spices and tea, ceramic ware, clothes, colourful lamps and jewellery fills the streets in the very city-centre of Essaouira. Dont forget to bargain for the price!

Eating and drinking in Essaouira

Essaouira has the country’s third largest port, so one thing you don’t want to miss is the delicious, fresh fish. There are loads of cute, local nooks in Essaouira where you get a nice meal without paying a fortune; one hot tip is Les Alizés. We also highly recommend the restaurant Chez Sam which is located on the port of Essaouira.

Taste the amazing couscous and traditional tajine-dish when you visit Essaouira and don't forget the sweet but refreshing mint-tea - something the locals of Morrocco drink every day on one of the many small cafés around Essaouira.

A small warning when walking the streets of Essaouira: You will most likely be offered small innocent-looking cookies. These cookies have a very special recipe, and the main ingredient is hashish (a form of marijuana). But just say "no thank you", and they will be on their way.

Travel to and from Essaouira

Essaouira is located about 500 kilometres south of the capital Rabat and 100 kilometres north of touristy Agadir – all three of them along the coastline. The train-connections are basically non-existing so the best way to get there is by bus.

You can visit Essaouira year around but if you go there between December and March you should pack a few warm sweaters. The temperature is between 19-25 degrees the whole year around but the strong alzee-winds of Essaouira can make it feel a bit cooler.

Travel to Essaouira before it's too late

The tourism in Essaouira is far from other touristic paradises, but it's more a question of time before this charming coast-town takes the same path. So a big, hot tip for all of you that wants to experience the relaxed semi-bohemian pearl of Essaouira is to go now– before it's too late!

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