The view over Djema el Fnaa is fantastic at night

Travel to Marrakech - get lost in the souks

Located near the foot hills of the famous Atlas mountains Marrakech is a great place to start your Moroccan adventure. Travel to Marrakech with KILROY.

Most visitors stay inside the medina, the old and fortified city filled with shops, local touts, winding streets and restaurants. The centre of the medina is Jemaa el-Fnaa, a large square filled with activities day and night. During the day you will meet the local merchants that sell local souvenirs. After the sun sets restaurants and food stands raise their tents and start to sell the most delicious Moroccan food.

Jemaa el-Fnaa is surrounded by souks, small and winding streets, filled with shops. They can be confusing and you are almost sure to get lost. But don't panic: The souks are not large enough to get lost for a long time and the locals will gladly point you in the right direction if you look lost. A tip is to remember your way through the souks by memorizing doors, wall colours and signs. If you try to find your way back by remembering the shops you will be very confused after the shops have closed and the windows are covered with steel bars and wood.

Shopping in Marrakech

The souks surrounding Jemaa el-Fnaa is filled with jewellery, shoes, clothes, Moroccan tea glasses, lamps, carpets, linens, pottery, spices and a lot more. Before you close a deal with a merchant remember to bargain hard. The locals are used to tourists and like to set their prices high. 

Eating and drinking in Marrakech

Jemaa El-Fnaa is the place to go for food in Marrakech. The buildings that surround this big square are filled with restaurants that serve the traditional Tagine and Cous Cous dished. In the middle of the place you can get freshly squished orange juice, by some even recommended as the best OJ in the world. Alcohol is not served on restaurants inside the medina, so you'll have to manage on soft drinks, coffee or tea.

Things to see in Marrakech

The medina and the sights inside like Jemaa el-Fnaa  and the souks are a must see when visiting Marrakech, but there a lot of other things to explore in Marrakech.

The Bahia Palace was built in the late 19th century and was built with the intention of capturing the essence of Moroccan and Islamic style and is definitely worth a visit.

If Moroccan art is on your interest list you should pay a visit to Dar Si Said, where you'll find a large collection of Moroccan arts including a woodwork collection from the 18th century, Berber carpets, pottery and old leatherwork.

If you are curious about how the local souvenirs are manufactured you should pay a visit to the local tanneries where you can see how skin is tanned and dried. Visit in the morning since this is when the activity is peaking.

Get a scrub - visit a local Hammam in Marrakech

If you feel like freshening up after a long day of shopping or sightseeing you should pay a visit to a local hammam. Here you will get soaked, steamed and scrubbed. The hidden rules of a hammam can be hard to decode so buy the full package that includes a person to guide you and do the scrubbing for you.

Tours from Marrakech

The area around Marrakech has plenty of opportunities for activities. Book a trek into the Atlas Mountains or go on desert tour into Sahara. It is also possible take a one day trip to Essaouira located by the sea.

Travelling to and from Marrakech

Marrakech has an international airport with frequent flight from Europe. If you are backpacking around Morocco you can reach Marrakech by train from Casablanca (3 hours), Fez (7 hours) and Tangier (10 hours). Marrakesh is also well connected with long distance busses to and from Agadir, Safir, Casablanca, Essaouira, Fez, Meknes, Ouarzazate and Rabat.

Education and study tours to Marrakesh

Did you know that KILROY can also help organise your study tour to Marrakesh? Read on to learn more about how we can plan your study trip with the right academic content and interesting study visits in the city of your choice.

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