Travel to Mozambique and experience an undiscovered paradise in Africa.

Travel to Mozambique - the land of smiles

For many South Africans as well as for many travellers in Southern Africa, Mozambique is the number one destination. From Johannesburg, South Africa, it’s only a six-hour drive by bus or less than a 1-hour flight to the capital Maputo. There you will find this tropical paradise, right by the warm and clear Indian Ocean.

Travelling around in Mozambique might not be that easy and comfortable as in South Africa but busses are the best means to reach your destination. There are busses connecting Maputo and the other major cities on daily bases and mini-busses (called chapas) will do the rest. In the latter case, prepare to travel African-style! 

Travel to Mozambique and experience the lively city life and amazing dive spots

Before taking a dive into the refreshing ocean, we like to recommend the city of Maputo. Take some time to explore this Portuguese colonial city and discover that behind its war-torn history, a new city is emerging. Wander through one of it's many colourful markets, dine on phenomenal fresh prawns and listen to some good live music. Bustling Maputo will definitely ease the appetite of the independent traveller in search for something new. 

Mozambique's main trigger is its 2,000 km coastline offering stunning beaches and endless water-sport possibilities. Besides sailing, sea kayaking and sports fishing, you can dive under the surface and explore some of the best diving spots in the world. Do not worry if you are an inexperienced or just a beginner, there are many diving schools offering cheap courses. 

Best beaches in the world are in Mozambique

From Maputo, travel up to the Northeast to reach Inhambane province, where you find some of the best beaches in the world. Here you can relax and soak up the warmth that Mozambique has to offer. After some lazy days you can join one of the many ocean safaris organized here. There's a good chance you will snorkel with the biggest fish in the world: the whale shark! This completely harmless and majestic creature can reach up to 12 meters in length. This is truly the highlight for many on their trip to Mozambique. 

Whaleshark in Mozambique

Unbelievable beauty in the archipelago of Mozambique

If you are able to spend some extra bucks the Bazaruto Archipelago is your top-end idyllic island setting. Located 400 km north of Tofo, The Bazaruto Archipelago is a protected National Park that has no roads, no shops and no tourist attractions - just unbelievable natural beauty! But beware, because of its remoteness the cost of staying on one of the five islands is considerably higher compared to Tofo.

If you're looking for the real Africa, with great beaches and a lot of action, that has not yet been discovered by the big tourist masses - Mozambique is your next destination. 

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