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Travel to Maputo - Modern city in East Africa

Maputo is the capital of Mozambique situated on the coast facing the Indian Ocean near the Tempe River. The city is modern with skyscrapers stretching high into the sky, and is known as one of Africa's most attractive capitals. Book your trip to Maputo and Mozambique with KILROY!

Maputo is a very unique place. Here you will find a mixture of modern skyscrapers and lots of little street cafes and ancient buildings in mediterranian style. The city offers a number of interesting museums and lively markets where you can shop all kinds of exciting souvenirs.

History of Maputo

It is clear that Maputo was under Portuguese ruling for years, and the city was actually called Laurenco Marques after the Portuguese explorer who came here in 1544. In the "Museum of Revolution" you can immerse yourself in the story of how the country disengaged from Portuguese ruling.

Lots of free stuff to do in Maputo

Among the free attractions in Maputo you find the beautiful coastline. The harbor with its many ships is one of East Africa's most important. It is also easy to be impressed by the gracious main train station, which looks more like a huge palace than a train station.

Nightlife in Maputo

When it's time for a refreshing drink, stop by a local market and buy delicious fresh fruit and vegetable juices. You can also head to Maputo's many bars and enjoy a cold bottle or two of the local beer Laurentina Beer followed by dancing till the break of dawn.

Traveling to and around Maputo

Maputo is a city of contrasts with big differences between rich and poor. If you are planning a trip to this part of Africa it is good to be aware of this in advance. Maputo is a good starting point on your journey, and the international airport is located just 3 km outside the city and is also the main destination for entry into Africa's southeastern corner.

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