Namibia sand dunes

Travel to Namibia - Outstanding nature

Namibia in the south-western part of Africa is a very beautiful and unspoiled country with an impressive wildlife and wonderful scenery. Here the traveler can live out his longings for the real Africa. Travel to Namibia with KILROY.

When you travel to Namibia, you are leaving for a country in the southwest corner of Africa, which in many ways is something quite special. The country has two impressive deserts - the Namibian desert near the country's Atlantic coast and the famous Kalahari Desert to the east. In addition, you will find vast natural resources such as diamonds, copper, silver and gold. Here, mining is very big, and you therefore understand, why the country have been so exposed to overseas interests and invasions for many years.

German compound

Namibia has been both a German and a South African colonial. The German influence is evident, and although the main language in Namibia is English, there is a fairly large proportion of the population that speaks German. There are many streets with German names and also German-sounding cities Lüderitz and Seakopmund where you get served excellent German meals.

Namibia's attractions

In Namibia there are good opportunities to combine natural and cultural experiences on the journey. You can for example visit the Himba and San tribes and discover how these tribes still live more or less exactly as they have lived for thousands of years. And yes, this is also the country where you can experience the African savannahs wildlife up close. Especially Etosha National Park is a great place to see lions, elephants, rhinos, hippos, hyenas, jackals, wild boars, gazelles and more. But the subtropical Waterberg Plateau Park is a good place to spot white rhino, the African buffalo, giraffes, antelopes, cheetahs and leopards. Yes, Namibia is full of amazing wildlife observation, and a trip here almost certainly means that you will get a few unforgettable 'kodak moments'.

Safari in Namibia

It is of course quite natural to experience the wildlife on a safari. We have selected the best safaris in Namibia, which you can book with us immediately. And whether you book your safari from here or during your trip to Namibia, there are many different types to choose from - for instance morning safari, night safari or perhaps a trekking safari (if you dare!). For example, Namib-Naukluft National Park offers the opportunity to experience its fascinating nature at night.

Animals in Namibia's Etosha National Park

The Skeleton Coast and Cape Cross Bay

Something very special in Namibia is The Skeleton Coast, where the desert meets the sea. This area is known for the bleached whale and seal bones that are scattered around the beach. You can even also see elephant skeletons and shipwrecks here. Elsewhere on the coast at Cape Cross Bay, you will find a number of good beaches, a perfect place to relax before or after you try your hand at some of the more or less neck break adrenaline rushes that Namibia also offers.

Sky, sand and sea

Yes, a trip to Namibia gives you great variety. You can for example try sky diving, sand boarding, a four-wheel drive, walk through the giant sand dunes or an adventure on the blue ocean with snorkel or diving. Namibia is full of opportunities for the adventurous traveler and we can highly recommend the country as here is a perfect blend of picturesque scenery, wildlife and opportunities to try something terrifying. Fish River Canyon: The world's second largest canyon We are far from finished: you must also see the amazing Fish River Canyon, the world's second largest canyon, surpassed only by the Grand Canyon in the United States. An impressive piece of nature, which is 160 km long, up to 27 km wide and nearly 550 feet deep. It is a very fascinating place that deserves a lot of attention. It is best viewed from public viewing points at the camping area Hobas, 70 km north of the popular Ai-Ais sources.

Quad biking in Namibia

Windhoek and Seakopmund

Namibia's two largest cities both have a lot of charm and beauty. In the capital Windhoek you will find beautiful, historic buildings, good shops and cozy bars and restaurants. It's all combined with the sounds, colors and fragrances (and a special rate), characterizing  both a modern and traditional African city. Also Seakopmund is worth a visit. Here you will meet new and old culture, tourists and locals during swaying palm trees and nice parks.

Climate in Namibia

Travel to Namibia can easily be made year round, but there are times of the year that are better than others. Namibia is dry and hot most parts of the year, even if there officially are only two extremely short dry seasons: one from April to May and another from October to November. The southern part of the country stand out a little, because here it rains more frequently and the landscapes lush with forests, wetlands etc.

Practical information

Before traveling to Namibia, we recommend that you obtain information about vaccinations when traveling to Namibia. Please see your doctor or local vaccination center. It can also be a good idea to check your Foreign Ministry's website for other safety information when traveling to Namibia.

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