Visit the churches in Windhoek and see the German architecture

Travel to Windhoek - the German Africa

If you travel to Namibia we recommend that you set aside time for a stay in Windhoek, a town which is beautifully situated in a valley and was previously known for its hot springs. Today Windhoek is a modern city where you can see and experience the most. Visit churches, castles, craft markets and areas of German-inspired architecture - still standing after the colonial era. You are guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised! Travel to Windhoek with KILROY!

Windhoek is Namibia's largest city and is beautifully located in a valley at 1,650 meters altitude. The city has around 230,000 inhabitants. The name derives from Windhoek Winter Hoek, a farm where the former leader Jonker Afrikaner was born in the 1800s. To be an African metropolis Windhoek is very clean and orderly. Today the town is best known for the production of sheepskin, a large meat industry and a popular beer brewery, Namibia Breweries, which brews various beers including ÿWindhoekÿ.

German influences in Windhoek

One can still today experience German influences in language and culture in many ways. From 1884 until World War I, Windhoek was a German colony. This can clearly be seen through a number of streets with German names, as well as a large number of German restaurants - something not normally found in an African metropolis. Here you find German bakeries, German beers and the annual celebration of German Carnival. Although English is the official language, you can also speak German in Windhoek. The city centre is characterized by buildings in German style. Older buildings such as Alte Feste (Namibia's oldest building) and Christchurch (the Lutheran church in 1896) is worth seeing. In Alte Feste you will also find the National Museum of Windhoek.

Traveling to and around Windhoek

The international airport is around 45 km from the city, and upon arrival you can take a taxi or hire a car. Most hotels and hostels are centrally located, so when you get situated most of the shops, restaurants, nightclubs and tourist attractions are within walking distance!

Shopping in Windhoek

In the city centre of Windhoek you will find numerous shopping streets and malls where you can get almost anything. The most popular shopping street is Independence Avenue starting in the south end of town and extends throughout the centre to the north. Here, there are lots of shops, souvenir taverns, restaurants and cafes. The biggest mall is called Item Mall, and offers exciting shopping opportunities in addition to a wide variety of western shops.

Nightlife in Windhoek

Some shops, restaurants, cafes and Internet cafes are closed on Sundays, or possibly only open until 1pm. Alcohol sales in stores ends at 7pm on weekdays and 1pm on weekends, and if you are looking for a crazy nightlife Windhoek may not be the right place. The range of restaurants is very good, but nightclubs seem to be somewhat absent. The most popular nightspot in Windhoek is Che NÿTemba where you can experience the local culture and swing to traditional rhythms.

The food experience in Windhoek

Windhoek offers a wide range of restaurants for every taste. Although the German kitchen reigns then there is definitely also room for a Namibian input, especially when it comes to quality and quantity of meat! Vegetarians be warned: In Namibia the meat rules! A fun fact is that the international fast food restaurants like McDonalds and KFC also have traditional African meals on the menu!

Accommodation in Windhoek

When traveling to Windhoek you don't have to worry about finding a place to sleep - there are countless possibilities for accommodation both in and outside the city, and you can choose to stay at everything from simple hostels and affordable guesthouses to expensive new luxury hotels. We recommend that you book accommodation in advance.

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