Dar Es Salaam

Relax on the beautiful beaches of Dar es Salaam

Travel to Dar El Salaam - Tanzania's biggest city

Dar es Salaam is a perfect stopover while heading to safaris and Zanzibar. Enjoy the Tanzanian nightlife, taste the great variety of food or spend your day in buzzling markets of Afro fashion and crafts. Diving, fishing and total relaxation on beaches are on the menu as well!

Dar es Salaam, or Dar, is the wealthiest and largest city in Tanzania. Once a fishing village is now a big political and economical hub. It’s not just a city but province of three districts: Kinondoni, Illala and Temeke. Dar is home to 2,5 million people and it has an image as a charming but busy city with markets, historical buildings, coffee houses and a vivid clubbing scene.

Best of Dar es Salaam

Dar has a beautiful sea front by the Indian Ocean. When walking around you’ll notice the city has a mix of African, Arabic and South Asian influences. Tanzanians are known for their friendliness and if you know a bit of Kiswahili, you’ll easily end up having fun chit-chats with them.

Many travelers stop here on their way to Zanzibar and before going on a safari in Tanzania. While you’re here visit the nice islands of Bagamoyo, Bongoyo and Mbudja. Dar offers you some deep-sea fishing, snorkeling and diving spots where you can see e.g. sharks.

What to see and do in Dar es Salaam

Coco beach is where you want to go especially during weekends to see how locals relax and drink cheap drinks. Other beaches for sun lovers are Kigamboni and Kipepeo accessible by ferry and taxi. Amani and Raskutani beach resorts are further away, but still popular. Many of the beaches are owned by hotels, which charge some bucks for usage.

Traditional dancing can be seen in Mwalimulu Julius K Nyerere Cultural Center. Also visit the exotic but chaotic Kariakoo market to see authentic Afro fashion. Mwenge Carvers' Market is where the artists are at work. Fancier shopping can be done at Mlimani City mall.

Zanaki Street has the best Indian and other food places. Culinary delights are guaranteed in Dar! Try some of the local beer such as Kilimanjaro, Safari and Serengeti. Check out our adventure tours in and around Dar es Salaam.

Market in Dar Es Salaam

Volunteer work in Dar es Salaam

Many humanitarian non-governmental organizations have their offices in Dar es Salaam, so if you are interested in doing volunteer work, you might have good chances here. However, it’s always better to do some research beforehand.

Travelling to and from Dar es Salaam

The public transportation is handled by mini-vans, daladala’s. Their routes can be read from signs, in front of the vehicle and you can hop on and off anywhere. Just yell shoo-sha to stop them. All vans marked “posta” take you to city center.

Ubungo is the central bus station, where almost all busses depart. This is located in Morongoro Rd. The Scandinavian Express has its own station at corner Msimbazi St and Nyerere Rd. It’s always safer to arrive and depart before night even if the city has a safer reputation than other big cities in the country. When you’re choosing between companies, avoid the cheapest; it might be less safe and nerve wreckingly slow.

The Tazara station and Tanzanian Railways Corporation Station is where the trains depart.

You can get from Dar es Salaam to Pemba, Zanzibar and Mtwara by regular boats or ferries. Check the schedules before going as not all routes are operated daily.

Accommodation in Dar es Salaam

The prices of accommodation vary a lot; ask contact KILROY travel advisor to get the comfiest and cheapest accommodation in Dar.

When to go to Dar es Salaam

The weather in Dar is very humid and warm, all year round. March trough May are the rainier times with April being the monsoon month. The best time to visit is from June to September when the temperatures are not the highest and rains are shorter.

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