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Travel to Tunisia - exciting taste of Africa

Mountains. Rivers. Nature and lush olive groves. Long beaches with palm trees - Tunisia has it all and then some. If you want to experience Africa without traveling too far outside "the beaten track" then Tunisia a good starting point. Book your trip to Tunisia with KILROY!

Sunny Tunisia is one of Africa's most tourist friendly destinations and here you will find adventures and activities for everyone, whether you prefer to enjoy the view of the ocean from your lounge chair or you want to ride a camel in the desert. Tunisia also offers exciting sightseeing in historic surroundings.

Salt Lakes and oases in Tunisia

When you travel to Tunisia you will experience a very diverse country stretching from the Mediterranean to the desert of the Sahara, and a landscape that changes several times along the way. There are large salt lakes, majestic mountains covered with pine trees, and oases as far as the eye can see.

Tunisia's history

From 1881 to 1956 Tunisia was a French colony, and the Muslim country still has strong ties to Europe. Tunisia is left with a mix of western and eastern way of life.

Local markets and cafés in Tunisia

When taking a stroll in the Arab quarters in Tunisia you will discover curvey streets and alleyways filled with local stalls with merchants of all sorts. You find restaurants serving spicy food, and cozy cafes where you can relax with a coffee in the shade while observing the busy life around you. These intriguing streets, stalls, coffee houses and restaurants is the beating heart of Tunisia.


Tunisia's Archeological must: the city of Carthage

Just outside the capital Tunis is one of Tunisia's absolute highlights and an archaeological gem; the ruins of the city of Carthage was founded right after the year 800 BC and destroyed by order of Cato the Elder during the Third Punic War 146 years b.c. If you are interested in several historical experiences of this region we can recommend Bardo Museum, a building known for its architecture which also contains archaeological relics from all over Tunisia - everything from "death masks" that are casts of dead people to impressive statues.

Film Recordings in Tunisia: Ong Jemal and Mos Espa

In the Sahara desert south of Tunisia there is an area called Ong Jemal. This place has been used as a backdrop for many famous feature film namely many of the scenes of the Star Wars films. The landscape is very special and almost lunar. Ong Jemal is a must on your trip to Tunisia!

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