The Agricultural Ministry in Entebbe

Travel to Entebbe - where the Ugandan adventure begins

Entebbe is located just outside the Ugandan capital Kampala, and this is also where the country's international airport is so basically your adventure in Uganda begins in Entebbe. Before embarking on your journey in Uganda and Africa you should take in a few attractions here. Book your trip to Entebbe with KILROY!

A journey to Entebbe can be combined with an excursion to the vibrant capital city Kampala, which is about 35 km away and is the hub for trains to Kenya and Ferries to Tanzania at the junction of Lake Victoria.

Attractions in Entebbe

Among Entebbe attractions are Uganda Wildlife Education Center where you can see a number of animals that come from the savannas of central Africa. The center was founded in 1952 as a home for the animal cubs who were abandoned in the wild but now it has evolved to become a zoo. Today you can find many different species of animals here including monkeys, lions, buffaloes and birds. If you want to experience animals in the wild you can go on a gorilla safari.

Views of Lake Victoria from Entebbe

Entebbe is located right on the famous Lake Victoria, Africa's largest lake, and it is also here in this part of Uganda that you find most tourist facilities and accomodation. Lake Victoria got its name from the English officer John Speke who in 1858 was the first European to arrive to the coast of Uganda, and he named the lake after the English Queen Victoria. Lake Victoria is shared between Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya - so if you feel like exploring you can sail between the countries and combine different experiences.

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