Somewhere over the rainbow in Victoria Falls. A must-see when you travel to Zambia

Travel to Zambia - Africa's rough diamond

Zambia is a great choice if you have a hunger for experiencing the real Africa without too much Western influence - and if you like to travel a little bit rough. Zambia is a rough diamond and provides almost unlimited access to everything you can dream of in terms of breathtaking natural beauty, wildlife and challenging activities.

It is especially the wild and untamed Zambezi River which is worth exploring while travelling in Zambia, it has one of  the world's most spectacular waterfalls on the border with Zimbabwe: the 128 meter high and world famous Victoria Falls, which was originally named after the Queen by the Scottish explorer David Livingstone. The whole area around this impressive waterfall offers real African adventure and magic. Are you ready?

The heart of Southern Africa

Zambia is located in southern Africa, east of Angola and southern Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. To the south lies Botswana and Zimbabwe, and to the east borders Zambia to Malawi and Mozambique. This is truly the heart of the Southern part of Africa.
Although Zambia is a relatively large country, only 11 million people live here. The country is not only one in Africa that is the most sparsely populated, but it's definetly one of the poorest. It was a little better in the past when the economy was boosted by findings of cobalt, lead, zinc, and above all lots of copper. But since the copper market collapsed in the mid-1970s, economy has gone steadily downhill. Therefore it's no doubt that you will be more than welcome as a tourist and traveler in Zambia, since people here know how important tourism is to the country.

Several national parks and rain forrests in Zambia

People in Zambia are generally very friendly and hospitable, if you get out of the big cities there are the great and unique experiences to be had. Most of the country is on a plateau at 1000-1300 m in height and has a tropical, but moderate climate. The landscape alternates between rain forest, forest savannahs and extensive grass savannahs. And there are several natural parks - among the most popular are South Lwangwa, Kafue and Lower Zambezi. 

Many different options: african safari, bungee jump and rafting in Zambia

Zambia is the ideal place to go on an African safari. You can do it by foot, horseback, canoe or truck. For example on one of our great adventure tours. It's possible to get close to everything from giraffes to hyenas, and if you are lucky, you might get a glimpse of a hippopotamus or a bunch of elephants crossing one of the wild rivers. 

Looking for extreme sports and activitites?
Get your ultimate adrenaline rush in the southern city of Livingstone where you can go rafting, trekking and bungee jumping.

Good things to know before you travel to Zambia

The roads in Zambia are not among the best in the world, so it can be quite the challenge to travel around this fascinating country, especially in the rain season from December to April. As in any other third world country there is always a risk of theft or assaults, but generally Zambia is not a dangerous country to travel to, as long as you follow the most basic safety rules. One should avoid the borders of the Democratic Republic of Congo, which are sometimes hit by raids. There are also risks of landmines, especially on the border by Angola and Mozambique. 

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