Asia has plenty of amazing beaches

Travel to Asia - The biggest of continents

Asia has it all - beautiful golden beaches, intriguing religions and cultures, magical jungles, a unique wildlife, and a huge population that is both as diverse as it is fascinating. Book your trip of a lifetime to Asia with KILROY!

Popular destinations in Asia:

On a journey through Asia, you will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the largest of the world's seven continents, and have an opportunity to visit one or more of its 47 different countries. Approximately 4 billion people live in Asia, making up 60% of the World's entire population. It is not unexpected then, to feel that there are people everywhere you turn in this fascinating and captivating continent.  

The different sides of Asia

Asia is a continent that offers a little of everything: huge, modern, sprawling cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Bangkok bombard you with the sounds, smells and tastes of their colourful and vibrant streets almost as soon as you exit the airport - letting you know immediately that you've arrived in another world. At the same time, in some strange way, it's also possible to see many similarities with cities back home.  

On the flipside, Asia can also be very intimate: small, remote villages where daily life goes on, unchanged, as it has done for centuries. A journey to Asia must include a visit to one or more of these remote places that westerners seldom visit  - places where the local inhabitants will stare in wonder at your fair skin and hair colour. As you gain their friendship, their curiosity will take over from shyness and you will slowly be barraged with questions. You may even be lucky enough to be invited home for lunch!

Thanks largely to the continents' variety of races, religious and ethnic groups, there is a fascinating choice of colourful markets and religious centres. Stunning architecture abounds: the sparkling buddhist temples of Indonesia, Nepal, Cambodia and Thailand; the majestic Taj Mahal in India and the enormity of Great Wall of China.   

One should not forget the colourfulness and craziness of the giant cities of India. Mumbai (Bombay) and Delhi - bombard your senses almost day and night. They are living, breathing entities, which will leave you with experiences and memories you will never forget.  

Natural wonders of Asia

A journey to Asia can of course also offer the chance to become acquainted with the many natural attractions and wonders the Continent has in abundance. Idyllic, white, sandy, and palm fringed beaches in Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. Lush, green rainforests in Borneo, northern Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Arid deserts in northern India, Pakistan and Iran. Rolling plateaus in Mongolia and China. Majestic Himalayan Mountains in Nepal, China, India, Tibet, Pakistan and Bhutan. Broad, winding rivers of the Ganges in India and the Yangtze in China. Last but not least, one must not forget the smouldering volcanoes of Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia, which form part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. 

If you are into wildlife then Asia is sure to appeal both above and below the surface with tigers, orang-utans, elephants, rhinoceros, manta rays, whale sharks, beautiful coral reefs, and colourful tropical fish all on offer.       

You're slowly beginning to imagine yourself there, aren't you? What will it be? Relaxing on one of the Continents many beautiful palm fringed beaches with crystal clear waters that invite you to dive in and explore the underwater world? Getting ready at base camp for some intense trekking or mountain climbing in the Himalayas? The possibilities are almost endless.

KILROY's team of travel consultants have been there and know many of the best and most special places that have not yet been spoilt by mass tourism and international hotel chains. We would love to show the way, or at least give you a helping hand with the information you need to allow you to discover some of the many secrets of this amazing continent.   

Travelling to and around Asia

Once you are on your way with the cheapest tickets the market can offer from KILROY, there are many ways to travel around Asia. We would strongly recommend one of the many adventure tours, which you can book with us before you leave. On these tours you're guaranteed to meet other like-minded (and aged) travellers, make new friends along the way, whilst all the time having the peace of mind of that you are travelling with an experienced local guide who will show you all the best places. It's also good to know that most of the cost of the trip is paid in advance and that there will be only a few small additional costs en route. Above all many of these trips go to places far from the well-beaten tourist paths! 

It can also be a fantastic experience to take a train journey in Asia. I many countries such as India trains are the most important mode of transport and can offer some totally unique experiences with the local inhabitants. There is also the exciting opportunity of travelling across Russia on the Trans Siberian Railway from St. Petersburg to Beijing in China (or other cities in Far East Asia). 

There is of course the possibility to travel by bus over almost the entire continent. Regional flights are also a quick and relatively inexpensive way of getting around if time is of the essence. KILROY can provide both useful information and advice and of course some very favourable prices on flight passes around the region.

Accommodation in Asia

Often the cheapest and best hotels or hostels are found by asking around when you arrive. KILROY can of course point you in the right direction and can help with booking all the accommodation you may require, whether it is for one night or your entire trip. As a minimum we would strongly recommend booking at least the first night or two in the first country/city you arrive in. In this way you avoid all the hassle of finding somewhere to stay when you arrive tired and exhausted after a long flight. 

Price levels in Asia

Asia is generally an incredibly cheap continent, with Japan and a couple of other places being the exception. If you are on a tight budget it is possible live on as little as €20-25 a day including food, transport and accommodation.

Education and study tours to Asia

Did you know that KILROY can also help organise your study tour to Asia? Read on to learn more about how we can plan your study trip with the right academic content and interesting study visits in the city of your choice.