Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Tropical beach in Andaman

Travel to Andaman and Nicobar Islands - Tropical paradise of India

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the name of a tropical archipelago located in the Bay of Bengal, south of India's mainland. Here you'll find peace and quiet in addition to lots of gorgeous sandy beaches! Travel to Andaman and Nicobar Islands with KILROY!

Many of the Andaman and Nicobars islands are covered with lush rainforests, and although the beaches in the area are strikingly beautiful, the area is relatively uninhabitated. Which is also one of the reasons why the islands are known to have a an abundant wildlife and unique natural surroundings.

Tribal people in the Nicobar Islands

Tourists are rarely allowed on the Nicobar Islands. Much of the area is used as a sanctuary for native people, including the largest island - Great Nicobar - located furthest to the south. Here the tribe 'Shompen' lives, who are known to not have any contact with modern civilization.

The archipelago of Andaman

As a tourist you can only get the chance to become familiar with the islands belonging to Andaman, but that doesn't mean you can't have plenty of exciting adventures! The string of islands extend over 500 km from north to south.
A journey across the green countryside is a lovely sight, and the valleys are full of rice fields, and vegetables and tropical fruits are grown by local farmers. On the deserted palmtrees-filled beaches you can enjoy the silence. Do not expect anything less than true paradise when you travel to Andaman Islands!

Traveling to and around the Andaman Islands

Unless you are an extremely good swimmer you have two choices when it comes to transportation to the Andaman Islands; plane or ferry. The ferry departs between four and six times per month from the Indian mainland to Port Blair; capital of the Andaman Islands. One of the ferries depart from Chennai once a week and every other week from Kolkata. The ferry ride takes about 56-60 hours, so load up your backpack with patience and prepare for irregularity and delays - it is normal here!

For that exact reason you might consider flying to Andaman instead. Flights depart from several major cities in India's mainland and costs around 245 US dollars.

Port Blair is the main town on the Andaman Islands. Whether you fly or sail to Andaman Islands Port Blair on South Andaman will be your destination. It is not a particularly large city with its 350,000 inhabitants. Most inhabitants of the Andaman Islands are settlers from the mainland, and some are descendants of British prisoners (United Kingdom built a prison camp here in 1858). In Port Blair you'll find everything from currency exchange locations and internet cafes to large ferries. This is the region's administrative headquarter and you can spend a few days here by strolling around the old buildings, visiting museums and having nice dinners at the local restaurants.

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