Fitness in Bali

Our crossfit bootcamp in Bali has room for everyone and with a personal training program ready for you at arrival, you have no worries.

Why fitness in Bali?

why not! Bali has it all. Beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, delicious food, a vibrant culture and now also an excellent opportunity to get in shape beneath the palm trees.

The crossfit boot camp in Bali has plenty of amenities and you get easy access to the beach, just 30 seconds away.

The focus is primarily on crossfitness, but yoga sessions and other fitness exercises are also part of your stay. 

Crossfitness in Bali?
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Crossfit in Bali:

Villa Drone 1280X720pxVilla accommomdation in Bali

Beach Workout 29 Of 65 1280X720
This is where you train!

Roof Yoga 45 Of 50 1280X720
Yoga is part of the program

Surfing 63 Of 209 1280X720
Why not include a few surf lessons now you are here!

Ufh Bali Gym 67 Of 414 1280X720
No doubt you will get in better shape!

Ufh Bali Gym Group 1280X720px
Get new training buddies - and friends!

Koh Tao And Pc 12 Of 44 Pano Edit Edit 1280X720The area of the crossfit camp.