Surfing in Bali

Go surfing in Bali and make new friendsSurfing isn't just a sport - it is a culture and a state of mind. KILROY offers surf camps in Bali and give you the best training on all levels. Contact one of KILROY's travel advisors to hear more about which surf camp is the most suitable one for you and your needs.

Learn how to surf in Bali

Bali offers surf courses on all levels to ensure that you get the maximum out of your time - learn to surf in Bali or perfect your surfing skills on amazing waves in Bali.

You will stay at a surf camp with other young people from all over the world who are all there to enjoy the shared passion for surfing. Make sure to explore the island of Bali, relax in a hammock or head out for a night in town, while you're not on the water. Bali has everything you need for a perfect holiday or stop on your trip around the world.

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Become friends with your surfboard in Bali

Learn to surf along the beaches of Bali

Surf Camp in Bali by night

Lounge at the surf camp in Bali at night

Master the waves in Bali

Surfing in Bali is an amazing opportunity. Be careful, you might get hooked!

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