Visit the beautiful gardens and parks in Kyoto

Travel to Kyoto - an exciting, cultural city

Kyoto is located in central Honshu and has nearly one and a half million inhabitants. The city offers opportunities for many exciting adventures. If you are planning to travel to Kyoto, don't forget to bring your camera and good walking shoes.

Kyoto - Cultural headquarter

Kyoto was the capital of Japan until 1868. It also served as the residence of the Imperial family. This is reflected in the architecture, and Kyoto is still considered to be one of Japan's cultural centers. There are more than 2,000 temples, historical buildings, palaces, universities and museums in Kyoto. In other words, the metropolis houses several of Japan's famous national treasures and about 17 of them are on the UNESCOs World Heritage List. Therefore the city is popular among tourists who come from all over the world.



Festivals in Kyoto

Kyoto is also famous for a number of festivals: Aoi-Matsuri Festival in the spring, Gion-Matsuri Festival in the summer and the Jidai-Matsuri Festival Festival in the fall. These colorful festivals create a beautiful backdrop with bright costumes, dancing and fireworks.

Cuisine in Japan

Japanese cuisine is something to be experienced. The purity and simplicity of sushi is a reflection of the Japanese mentality and views on life. You'll also find many restaurants where small dishes are served directly on the counters. The food is washed down with lots of sake - Japanese rice wine. A festive gathering with friends or colleagues at a restaurant in Kyoto often ends in front of the karaoke machine; and everyone must participate, even if they aren't very good at singing!  

Beautiful temples in Kyoto

You can't go to Kyoto without visiting some of the Buddhist temples, with impressive details, such as large archways and long stairs. Do not miss the Kiyomizu temple, which is built on stilts on the slopes east of the city.  

Geisha I Japan

Mild winters and hot summers

The temperatures in Kyoto are good, with mild winters and hot summers, and that has an impact on the sights in Kyoto. For example you can visit the beautiful gardens year round. We recommend the imperial Katsura Villa from the 16th century which is situated in one of the prettiest gardens. There are also the Moss Garden in Saihoji and the Sandgarden i Ryoanji. They are both very unique places.

The warmest temperatures in Kyoto you'll find from May to September which it is also a very rainy season. However, Kyoto can be visited all year round, as long as you dress according to the temperature.

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