Osaka is a beautiful city in Japan

Travel to Osaka - Japanese adventures

Osaka is located south of the capital Tokyo and is known for great food, shopping and a vibrant nightlife. The night sky is lit up by neon signs and the streets are filled locals - just as you probably imagine Japan. Book your trip to Osaka with KILROY!

Osaka is Japan's commercial center, and just as the country's other major cities it is stocked with towering office buildings and skyscrapers. Those who love Japanese cuisine and shopping will definitely like Osaka. In Osaka you can experience the famous karaoke bars, "love-hotels" and women even have their own subway. Yes, this is Japan at its finest! Osaka is an excellent starting point for those who are going to explore the rest of Japan, including nearby places like Nara, Kyoto, Kobe and the Temple Mount Koya.

Shopping in Osaka

The range of products will most likely top the list of anything you've ever seen before and shopping is almost certainly one of your favorite activities throughout your stay in Osaka!

Tenjinbashi-suji is a 2.6 km long shopping street and here you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for - and possibly also a lot you didn't even know existed. The hours pass quickly and the bags gets filled up quickly, so don't forget to leave extra room in your luggage.

The Umeda area offers a variety of shops and restaurants, whereas if you are looking for electronics you must go to Den Den Town.

Osaka's nightlife

Osaka's busiest bar area is located at Namba Street, which is several kilometers long. Here you will find lots of restaurants, nightclubs and other places where you can eat, drink, party and sing!

Other experiences in Osaka

Karaoke stems originally from Osaka, and here you can rent a fully furnished karaoke facility including all drinks on an hourly basis. It's incredibly fun, and if you are lucky you get to spend a night with local people - which guarantees even more fun! Remember that the Japanese take karaoke very seriously.

It is also worthwhile to head to Osaka Palace, a beautiful building located right in the centre. In Kaiykan Harbour you will find the world's largest aquarium and fun rides!


Accommodation in Osaka

There is plenty to choose from when it comes to accommodation in Osaka, and prices range from around 25 USD for a dormitory to several hundred dollars per night at a luxury hotel. A fun and different accommodation option while in Osaka is a so-called capsule hotel, where guests receive a small pocket size in the wall (about 1 x 2m) that fits one person. Each pocket/capsule usually contains a TV while everything else as bathroom, kitchen, living room and the like are shared with the others. Note that these are only for men! The price is about 40 USD per night.

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