Male seen from above is truly an impressive sight

Travel to Male - A city in the sea

The capital of the Maldives, Male, is truly a city in the sea. Every square inch of the largest island in Maldives is utilized, and even if that doesn't sound very charming - we promise you that it is. Experience the colorful markets or go on a walk in the small, cozy streets. If you want to go diving or sailing in the Maldives, we have a fantastic selection of adventures which all start in Male!

When you arrive by plane to the Maldives, you will land on the airport island and from there on you can sail to Male or to one of the other tropical islands of the Maldives. We quarantee that you will be impressed by the sheer amount of buildings on this relatively small island. There are about 100,000 people living in Male and the Islamic influences have left their mark on the city with a large Mosque and an Islamic Centre.

Maldives Male Harbour Mosque


The crystal clear waters of the Maldives is simply every diver's paradise with unique, colorful experiences below the sea level. What sets the Maldives apart from other diving destinations is the abundance of marine life. Due to the strict sustainable fishing policies, the ecosystems are intact and the reefs are healthy.

KILROY offers unique diving experiences all of which begins in Male. Whether you are a beginner or a pro diver, we can guarantee fabulous dives with professional diving instructors. Read more about diving in the Maldives.


Like pearls on a string, the tropical Islands of the Maldives are waiting to be explored. And why not go island hopping on the sea? Go on an exciting adventure with fellow travellers and experience the best that the Maldives have to offer. On board the boat, you will not only get close to your fellow passengers, but also to the locals and especially the tropical paradise above and below the sea level.

Our travel consultants can help you arrange your sailing adventure and give you the best insider information. Read more about sailing in the Maldives.

Maldives Colorful Fish

Attractions in Male

Before embarking on your sea or diving adventure you can easily spend a few days in Male. Go to the fish market and see how the fishing boats bring in their catch of the day. Talk about fresh fish! Or visit the old bazaar where you can buy everything from clothes and shoes to spices and local souvenirs.

You can also visit the impressive mosque during which can accommodate up to 5,000 people. It is not allowed for non-Muslims to go inside, but nevertheless, it is a stunningly beautiful building from the outside. Of course you can also enjoy the nice weather and sunbathe and snorkel on the artificial beach.

Maldives Male Mosque

When to travel to Male?

Are you looking to go diving or sailing, you should come between December and April, when there its sunny and hardly no rain. During the rest of the year, the humidity is high and it can rain a lot. Temperatures range throughout the year at around 30 degrees, so there is no need to pack a sweater!

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