Singapore is an ultramodern Asian city.

Travel to Singapore - ultramodern Asia

For many travelers going through Asia, Singapore will be a natural stopover along the way. From here, there are numerous connections to other places in Asia, as well as Oceania, USA, Africa and Europe.

As one of Asia's richest and most modern cities, Singapore is known for its strong economy, rapid development, and innovative technology. To many, Singapore is a possible stop during a longer journey, and KILROY recommends spending a few days or more in this metropol if you get the opportunity.

For shopping, the essential area would be Orchard Road, where many modern malls and shops are lined up. Cheap electronics can be found everywhere, but beware of copies – double check your products and aim for the bigger warehouses. On the other hand, a day on Sentosa Island gives you plenty of options to explore the zoo, the beaches, a war fortress/museum (Fort Siloso), and more. We also recommend that you spend some time walking around the city center, China Town, and Little India, both during day and night. There are plenty of cozy restaurants, local markets, shops, and parks to check out.

How do I get around in Singapore?

The easiest and most efficient way to get around the city is by using MRT, Singapore's modern subway system. Frequent departures, a large network, and prompt trains make this the number one transportation method. Taxis can be found everywhere, but keep in mind that they are almost impossible to catch during peak hours or heavy rain. Additionally, several ferries operate between the mainland and the islands. You can reach Malaysia both by train or bus, and you can get to exotic places like Tioman Island by boat.

What is the food like in Singapore?

In Singapore, you'll find all types of Asian and international cuisines. For the most authentic food experiences, however, you should go where the locals are found – and remember, the more locals, the better the food! For some local specialties, we recommend that you try chili-crab, laksa (noodle soup with coconut, egg, shrimps and cockles) and rojak (stirred fruit and vegetables mixed with shrimp paste and peanuts).

Accomodation in Singapore

Singapore offers accommodation of all levels, suiting all budgets. The Raffles is one of the most luxurious and well-known hotels where the famous "Singapore Sling" cocktail was invented. If you can’t afford to book a room, simply visit the Long Bar to order one of these juicy drinks.

You can find the hostels and hotels by asking around at the destination. However, make sure to have your first few nights in Singapore booked in advance. This will prevent you from being ripped off upon arrival. 

KILROY tips for Singapore

Avoid all types of drugs! Do not touch, carry or use anything related to drugs, as it may result in death sentence!
Follow Singapore's strict laws (regarding litter, alcohol, and smoking, for example) as the fines are large and the police will not hesitate to hand them out!
For an authentic Indian food experience, head to The Banana Leaf Restaurant in Little India. The food is served on big banana leaves and you eat with your bare hands. Enjoy with a cold beer!


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