South Korea

Travel to South Korea - history, nature, kind people and shopping

Travel to South Korea - an untouched piece of Asia

South Korea is an excellent destination on your trip around the world. Enjoy a few days in Seoul, visit the border between North and South Korea and travel to the beaches on the islands of Cheongsando and Udo. South Korea has temples, hot springs, national parks and in winter you can ski. KILROY can help you arrange a round trip in South Korea and you'll get under the skin of this amazing untouched piece of Asia.

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What can I do in South Korea?
South Korea offers a lot more than YouTube sensation "Psy" and "Gangnam style". It has a rich history and culture, but at the same time it one of the world's most modern countries. The capital, Seoul, is one of the largest cities in the world and home to a mix of advanced architecture and traditional temples. Here you will find an endless list of subcultures and get a rich chance to dance along to some K-pop or indulge yourself in one of South Korea's favourite past times: video games!

If you want to escape the metropolis, head into the countryside to find amazing scenery, national parks, and historic landmarks. Seek out the beautiful beaches and hot springs or go skiing at one of the many great ski resorts around the country.

Enjoy national parks, beaches and hot springs in South Korea

A big part of the South Korean mainland consists of hills and mountains and is riddled with national parks. Along coastline, you will numerous beautiful islands. Don't miss Jeju Island (Cheju-do) and walk through the World's longest lava tube Manjanggul.

Find deep forests, giant waterfalls, mountains, thundering rivers, white sandy beaches and temples from ancient times in Soraksan National Park on the east coast. If you can't get enough of the National Parks, check out Hallyo Haesang with its breath-taking coastline and the crystal clear waters surrounding the mass of small islands. For the culture-seeker we recommend you to make a stop at Popchusa (in Songnisan National Park): One of the largest and most fascinating temple areas in all of South Korea.

south korea -mudeungsan mountainMudeungsan Mountain in South Korea.

The beaches on the north-eastern coast around Samch’ok are incredibly beautiful. Some of them consist of rock formations and stone, while others are covered in white sand. And did we mention that the area has excellent seafood restaurants? For a change of pace, take a dip in the hot springs around Tongnae and the beach area Haeundae close to Busan, where they say the hot springs have a healing effect!

Be a foodie in South Korea

You might have heard of Kimchi, a mix of vegetables (often cabbage) in a tasty mix of chili, garlic, and ginger, fermented. We really recommend you try it out - it has its reasons for being popular all over the world. South Korea is known for its kitchen, which includes many exciting and flavourful dishes with traditions dating hundreds of years back.

Korean Bbq - south korean foodTry BBQ and kimchi in South Korea.

Is it easy to get around in South Korea?

Getting around in South Korea is easy as "1, 2, 3". The transport system in South Korea is extremly well-developed. If you want to travel between the bigger cities you can fly or go by bus or train. The best way to get around the capital Seoul is by the subway system (which has been rated one the world’s best subway systems by CNN).

When is the best time to visit South Korea?

Since South Korea has a continental climate, winters are long cold and dry, and summers are hot and humid and can get up +40ºC. Fall is a good time to travel (September and November). April and May are nice months to travel to South Korea, however, it can be hard to find accommodation during these months as Japanese tourists visit South Korea during this period, so make sure to you find places to stay in advance.

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