Seoul is an enormous city and deserves at least a few days

Travels to Seoul - South Koreas soulful capital

Seoul is the capital of South Korea and one of the most innovative and biggest cities in the Far East. Inner Seoul has more than 10 million inhabitants and the city is buzzing, fun and you'll feel the Asian culture. KILROY can help you arrange your trip to amazing Seoul - maybe as part of your world trip?

Seoul is definitely worth a visit and should be part of your next trip around the world. It deserves at least a few days and you'll love the city once you get to know it. Also, it's cool having visited a city and a country that not everyone travels to.

Explore Seoul and end the day with Soju

If you want to get 'under the skin' of Seoul, you need to follow the locals. First off, you should visit Han River that runs through many parts of Seoul. At Han River the locals like to relax and have a break from the busy citylife. Sit down with the locals, take off your shoes and dip your toes in the chilled water while you observe, smile, and absorb the cool ambiance.

Once you feel at ease head off to the Namdaemun Market that has sports gear, clothes, typical Korean souvenirs, electronics and loads more. In the streets you will find smoking BBQ restaurants, fascinating tea houses, saunas, street markets and welcoming Koreans.

When the night comes, Seoul opens up and invites the traveller into another world, in other words, the nightlife in Seoul is pretty fun. Be careful with the Soju - a clear, slightly sweet distilled spirit and the most popular Korean liquor. Soju is made from grain or sweet potatoes and a bottle of Soju is almost too cheap. 

Highlights in Seoul and around

South Korea Gyeongbokgung Palace

One of the highlights on your trip to Seoul will be the grand Gyeongbokgung Palace, also called Gyeongbak Palace. This palace was built in 1394 and was reconstructed in 1867. The name means 'Palace Greatly Blessed By Heaven' and that is understandable. Enjoy this fascinating place and make sure you have time to sit and enjoy the wonderful gardens.

Visit the DMZ - The border of South Korea and North Korea

South Korea Dmz - trips to the dmz

If you want to go on an adventure, it is possible to visit the border between North and South Korea called DMZ - the Demilitarized Zone. A bus can take you from the centre of Seoul and you have to bring your passport. You get to see the 'bridge of no return' where former South Koreans took the walk to North Korea, and opposite, and never came back. Also, you get to visit the building where you can stand on North Korean ground and take a picture with a South Korean soldier guarding the door to North Korea.
A tour to the DMZ is highly recommended and we suggest that you book in advance as they check your citizenship and purpose of visiting. Make sure you don't point at any North Korean soldiers, and notice the height of the flagpole on the North Korean side compared to the South Korean flagpole, as well as the fake village Kim Il Sung's regime has built. It has no habitants, it was built only to show off.

Seoul non-stop

On a trip to Seoul you will experience how buzzing and energized this city is - both at day and during the night. Visit Itaewon and you will experience some amazing nightlife. In Itaewon you will feel the real, young and crazy Seoul. Don't forget a stroll through Seoul's own 'Soho' in the Samcheongdong area. This part of Seoul is very different from the rest of the city as the houses are smaller, streets are more narrow and there's a local feeling compared to most other parts of the town. Close to The Royal Palace you will find galleries, fashion shops and cafés. 

South Korea Group Of People

With regards to food, Seoul is open 24/7. Most of the food is, of course, Korean but you will also find many Japanese restaurants. You can be sure to have kimchi at your table before you even order your food. If you want a cool experience we recommend you to eat at the restaurant at the top of N'Seoul Tower. Remember to go on an evening when the weather is clear, and we promise you that you'll be in for a treat.

Shopping in Seoul

If you love shopping, Seoul is paradise. The fashion district Myeongdong has it all - from mainstream to unique and individual design. Insadong also deserves a visit as well as the cheap Dongdaemun Market where there is something for everybody, and it is even open at nighttime. One of the great things about Seoul is that each area has its own shopping area, so you won't miss out whereever you decide to go.

Seasons in Seoul

Fall is the most convenient season to visit Seoul. In summer it can get very hot and humid and in winter it can get very cold. The monsoon season is in June and July, and snow will fall in January and February.

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