Local fishermen in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Travels to Colombo - Spices, Temples, and Trade

Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka, the exotic and fascinating island state just south of India. Colombo is an excellent base for excursions around Sri Lanka, where you can immerse yourself in the exciting and chaotic atmosphere that travelers seek in this part of Asia. Buy your travel to Colombo and Sri Lanka at KILROY Travels.

If you are looking for a more urban atmosphere while travelling in Sri Lanka, then look no further than Colombo. The city offers an excellent choice of restaurants, energetic street life, and plenty of markets for those who have a weakness for shopping!

The vibrant capital city is located on the island's west coast and is a major seaport. If you go to the harbor and look out over the water, you will see great ships coming in and out of the wharf daily, all of them loaded with goods. A great deal of the country’s imports and exports are entering or leaving this port daily in the Colombo harbor. Even today, Colombo is in many ways an important trading center.

The Fort

South of the harbor is the epicenter of Colombo, as well as the city's commercial center. This area of town, known as the Fort, is also where one can find the Sri Lankan government, the island's international hotels, and the President's house and gardens, which are usually full of flowers due to the tropical climate.

Shopping in Colombo

East of the port lies the Pettah district, which is made up of numerous streets and alleys loaded with goods of all kinds. You can find colorful textiles, colonial antiques, gold jewelry, spices, fruit, dried fish, shoes, and much more. Whether you are searching for everyday goods or travel souvenirs, the Pettah district has everything you need. Also, for those who are good at negotiating prices, you can easily get a good deal. Therefore, we recommend that you practice your barganing skills. In terms of sightseeing and shopping, the most interesting street is Sea Street, which is located in the northeastern part of Pettah. This street has it all: prominent goldsmith shops, colorful temples, and everything in between. Sea Street is a must-see when travelling to Colombo.

Sightseeing in Colombo

While visiting Colombo, one must - among other things - visit Dehiwala Zoo to see the elephants. Another inspiring attraction is the Gangaramaya temple located near Lake Biera, which has its own library and museum. Visitors can also see the impressive collection of gifts that visitors have left for the temple throughout the years.

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