Tuk-Tuks lined up - an essential way of transport in Bangkok.

Travel to Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the world's most chaotic and fascinating cities. Thailand's capital city also offers a unique cuisine, excellent shopping and a fascinating culture - and it's also the starting point for adventures, like the beaches in the south and the wild nature in the north. Buy your trip to Bangkok at KILROY!

Bangkok is a city that offers everything the backpacker could wish for.  It is quite possibly the world's most famous and most used backpacker-city, a place that is easy and inexpensive to travel to and therefore a meeting point for travelers from around the world. Of course, the city is also a gateway to some of the world's best beaches (which can found in southern Thailand), as well as to most parts of Asia.  Last, but not least, because the city itself offers a lot of exciting attractions and opportunities, this gives some of the best impressions of Southeast Asia, you can get.

The worlds hottest city

Whether you are visiting Bangkok for the first or tenth time, is almost guaranteed that you will be able to experience something new and exciting here. You can find modern skyscrapers, an ultramodern subway, markets (both the traditional and the famed floating markets), great shopping, religious shrines, superb restaurants and food hawkers, as well as a nightlife that has no equal. Bangkok is vibrant, lively and seductive - maybe that's why the city has been voted "the world's hottest city".

Palaces and temples in Bangkok

As soon as you've gotten off your butt and moved away from Khao San Road, the world's most famous backpacker street and a unique gathering place for all kinds of backpackers, it's time to get out and look at the many exciting attractions Bangkok has to offer. Check out, for example, the large and beautiful palace Wat Phra Kaew, which is close to Khao San Road and an absolute must-see. Continue on to Wat Pho, an extension of Wat Phra Kaew and home to the famed Leaning Buddha.  It is one of the oldest and largest temples in Bangkok, and gives a very fascinating insight into Buddhism.

Bangkok's water

After you're done checking out the temples, then it's time to take a closer look at the lifeblood of Bangkok: the water of the Chao Pray River and the many canals of the city.  It's recommended that you take a little excursion by riverboat and visit one of the lively port quays along the waterway. Then it's off to see one the city's most famous attractions - the floating market. Almost every movie filmed in Bangkok shows images from this exotic place, and you cannot travel to Bangkok without visiting this fascinating market on the river. Raw materials, fruits and vegetables, etc. are directly from the boats. The market is located about 15 km. south of downtown. Come and experience the excitement of life in the city also known as "the Venice of Asia".

Several markets in Bangkok

There are many more markets in Bangkok. For example, Nakhon Kasem, also known by the less flattering name of "Thieves Market", is located in the city's Chinatown. Praturam Market at Siam Square is also exciting - everything from watches to lingerie is sold here. There is also Bobe Market, particularly famous for selling clothes - per kilogram! It is located next to the Khlong Phadung Krungkasem canal.

Shopping Centers in Bangkok

If you get tired of the markets, but aren't shopped-out there are fortunately plenty of shopping malls in Bangkok. Try Mah Boon Krong ("MBK"), which is the cheapest, the new and modern Siam Paragon, or the extremely expensive and fashionable The Emporium. Most interesting is perhaps Central World, which is the largest in Southeast Asia and has fresh, new look after a renovation in 2006.

Bangkok's street life

Don't forget to enjoy Bangkok's street life and it's special atmosphere. The city is very unique in that regard and gives you a great introduction to Thailand, before heading either south or north.