Chiang Mai

Monks are a part of the street life in Chiang Mai

Travel to Chiang Mai - The pearl of Thailand

If it’s more than a sun tan you’re after on holiday then Chiang Mai in Thailand’s northern part is a place for you. Beautiful nature, fantastic shopping and new adventures are waiting. This is an unforgettable experience! Book your trip to Chiang Mai with KILROY travels and you get the best prices and experiences.

Chiang Mai offers tranquillity with lush nature and beautiful mountains. It recharges and refreshes you, let the ambience lead you. On the onset of dusk the city awakens; you had better join in or miss out.

The city of Chiang Mai

You can stroll around town or rent a bicycle, the city centre is compact and it's easy to get around. It's hard to believe that the Chiang Mai has a population of 170,000. You will find a Tuk Tuk on every street corner and if you want to travel further afield then you can hail a Songthaew for a great value ride.

Things to do in Chiang Mai

Bamboo rafting or jungle trekking are very good value for money activities in Chiang Mai. A lot of people come to this part of Thailand to join a jungle trek - an activity we really recommend doing.

Climate in Chiang Mai

See that you always have a warm sweater with you as the evenings can be quite cool; especially during the winter months; rainwear and sturdy shoes are a must during the rainy season from July to September. The hottest weather is from April to May. 

Sights in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is amongst other things famous for its temples; there are an amazing 160 temples in the area. The most famous being Wat Phra Doi Suthep. Wat Phra Doi Suthep is located 15 km from the city centre and to get there you have to climb up 290 hot and sweaty steps. Once there you get added bonus of a fantastic view over the city.


When the twilight comes the night markets starts to grow. Soon it's hard to recognize which streets you have visited earlier the same day. These markets sell everything that you can imagine and a little bit more.  Remember to haggle and then make sure that you have enough room in your suitcase for your trip home! There are so many bargains to be had, you can have clothes sewn up, knickknacks for the house, watches - you name it! If you get tired of shopping and food then there are even a few good clubs and bars you can try out.


Find something for your taste buds in Chiang Mai The food is, as always in Thailand, great. Try Ansuarn Market (the evening food market). Choose from amongst the small stalls, buy a mix of different dishes and have a wonderful meal for a very small amount.

Getting to Chiang Mai

There are a several ways to get to Chiang Mai; it all depends on time and money. By air it is just over an hour flight from Bangkok and this is definitely the most comfortable way to travel. If you are on a tighter budget then there is both bus or train. The bus is a couple of hours faster than train, the train taking 14 hours. Remember to take warm clothes with you for the bus journey as the air conditioning on the bus can be freezing!

Accommodation in Chiang Mai

You can find accommodation in all price categories, everything from cheap dorms to finer hotels. Ask your travel agent for help or search for a hostel or hostel in Chiang Mai here.

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