Fitness in Thailand

Tired of the same boring surroundings in your local gym? What would be better than to go with other travellers to a fitness boot camp in beautiful Thailand?!

This is where you get the full package; hard training, delicious food, great accommodation, exotic beaches and crystal clear waters. You do not get a more ideal destination than Thailand, if you want to get in top shape while still on a beach getaway. Thailand also offers delicious food and a wonderfully relaxed culture, so you can enjoy your stay - that is, when you are not exercising, of course.

What does a fitness camp in Thailand include?

The program of the fitness boot camps in Thailand may vary, but basically there are two meals included a day (breakfast and dinner) - except on Sundays. In addition, accommodation included.

Is fitness in Thailand for everyone?

YES! Our fitness camps in Thailand are for everyone regardless of fitness level, and you get individual fitness guidance while at the boot camp in Thailand. Whether you want to lose weight or get in better shape, one thing is for sure: Everyone get positive results from our fitness camps in Thailand.

Fitness in Thailand?
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Fitness i ThailandIndividual training guidance is part of the package at the fitness camp

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