Pattaya - Beach front - aerial view

Travel to Pattaya

Pattaya is one of Thailand's biggest travel spots. Despite the troubled reputation of being the red-light district of Thailand, more than five million people travel to Pattaya each year - and it's not just single men, but also many backpackers and families find their way to Pattaya due to its wide array of activities for all ages.

During the Vietnam War, Pattaya became a popular destination among soldiers. Today Pattaya is a strange mix of go-go bars, golf courses, restaurants and of course beaches, featuring some of Thailands best opportunities to enjoy sports and water activities.

Pattaya attractions

For some travelers the naughty nightlife in Pattaya is the main attraction. Pattaya hosts several amusement parks and museums, and also temples and giant Buddha statues are popular draws.

Beaches in Pattaya

The main beach in Pattaya runs north-south and facing the city centre for almost 3 kilometers. It's a place with plenty of activities and you will find many bars, restaurants, shops and discos along the beach. The beach area is alive day and night and if you find your way to Pattaya, this is one of the unique things to experience. If you want a more laid back and quiet time, the Jomtien Beach to the south of the city tends to be more family friendly.

Food choices in Pattaya

The choice of food and restaurants is huge in Pattaya. You'll soon learn that Pattaya is an international place with culinary contributions from most continents of the world. But remember you ARE in Thailand and the local Thai food is usually your best choice.

Pattaya shopping

Pattaya is great for a shopping spree. The city has several shopping centers, stores and stalls. Cinemas, cafes and restaurants are plenty when you are in need of a break.

Pattaya climate

Pattaya enjoys a tropical climate which in fact means either dry and warm or hot and humid. The best period to visit Pattaya is during Christmas and New Years.


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