Mosque in Uzbekistan

Travel to Uzbekistan - Ancient culture on the Silk Road

Travel to Uzbekistan and wander through Samarkand's historic streets, or trade your way through the many bazaars in the capital Tashkent. Explore the magnificent natural parks and fill your day with fun experiences in the huge cities! Book your trip to Uzbekistan with KILROY!

With its 28 million inhabitants, Uzbekistan is Central Asia's most populous country. The only metro in Central Asia is found in the capital Tashkent and Uzbekistan is said to be the cleanest country in the former Soviet Union.

Cuisine of Uzbekistan

Take your time to taste the various local delicacies, like the national dish 'plov' - made from rice. For dinner you can enjoy one of Uzbekistan's many and excellent wines, of which several are exported around the world.


Tours in Uzbekistan

The easiest and safest way to get acquainted with Uzbekistan is through the tour operator Dragoman. The tours are held in small groups and are an excellent option for those seeking true adventure! In a country where it can be very difficult to travel around on your own, we recommend to book such a tour via a legitimate operator. Please contact KILROY for more information about the various trips, as well as for tips and advice for your trip to Uzbekistan!

Tashkent and surrounding region

Although your first impressions of Tashkent may not necessarily be the best, you will eventually discover that the city is actually quite exciting. Soviet buildings and modern architecture dominates the city skyline, and the lively atmosphere and a wide selection of good restaurants leave you thriving.


Tashkent is located on the ancient Silk Road, stretching from China to Europe. The city offers interesting museums with lots of history, and the amusement park Tashkentland is a fun way to pass time even though it does not have the most daring attractions. From the TV tower you get great views and nice restaurants, and from here you can move on to the city's water park with several pools - one pool even has artificial waves! Remember to bring a towel.

The metro works well as a means of transport, but note that taken photographs on the station is not allowed. Alternatively public taxis takes you effortlessly around the city, just remember to agree on the price beforehand with the driver. Hiking is also possible, and the locals are happy to give you a ride for a small sum of money. Ugam-Chatkal National Park is about a half hour drive from downtown and it's a place where you can try activities such as rafting, trekking or skiing.


Samarkand is arguably one of Uzbekistan's best places, and is on UNESCO's World Heritage List. This 4,000 year old city is a four hour drive from Tashkent and offers several amazing mosques and old historic buildings. In the ancient part Registan you can admire the impressive Mosque Bibi-Khonym, one of the most beautiful in the world!

Transportation in Uzbekistan

A few international airlines fly to Tashkent, and by train can only travel into Uzbekistan from Kazakhstan. In the latter country there are connections on to Russia and Ukraine.

Climate and weather conditions in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country with extreme weather conditions! In winter, the temperatures drop as low as negative 20 degrees, while in summer it is 40 degrees! The best time to travel here is in spring and autumn.

KILROY's travel tips to Uzbekistan

Tourists are happy to discover that electronic connections are good in Uzbekistan. Mobile phones work just about everywhere, and Internet cafes are found in most towns.

Avoid walking around after sunset and never walk alone no matter what time of day. Reject locals who will take you out at night and show you the nightlife, and always bring a color copy of your passport and visa since you can be stopped by police at anytime who can demand to view these.

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