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Travel to Vietnam - the best of the East

What turns you on?  Lush, green rice paddy fields, spectacular mountain scenery, boat trips on the sea between limestone cliffs, beautiful beaches, top-notch Asian food?  On the journey to Vietnam, you can have it all.

Vietnam will surprise you!  Take your time to travel slowly and you will discover an incredible diversity of people, sceneries, and food in one of Asia's rapidly developing countries.  A journey through Vietnam offers many top destinations, which you shouldn't miss: Halong Bay, Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, the Mekong Delta, Hoi An, Danang and Sapa - here you will find a wonderful blend of sumptuous beaches, historic monuments as well as picturesque limestone- and mountainous areas. Don't forget the big cities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Hue, that all deserve special attention. 

The Vietnamese people

While travelling in Vietnam, one of the first things that will catch your eye is the great diversity of people and the cultural variations. From the Flower Hmong minority, who live as they did several hundred years ago, to the well-educated businesswoman in bustling Ho Chi Minh City - there is a world of difference, yet, they live in the same country.  For each new city, there is a new culture and way of living to discover - appearance, cuisine, clothing style, dialect, and much more will be different from place to place, and fortunately, each area has its own charm. 

Vietnamese cuisine 

 - is superb!  Imagine the very best from Asian cuisine with a touch of inspiration from the French.  No matter if your budget is large or small, you will always get great culinary experiences on your journey in Vietnam - even rice tastes different and better!  One of the most famous dishes is Vietnamese Pho Bo, a noodle soup with pieces of beef and delicate herbs and spices. Traditionally, it is served as breakfast from small stalls in the street that only offer this dish.  It is really cheap and it tastes so good!  You will quickly discover that you everything can be eaten in Vietnam! Many local restaurants serve, for example, stomach or pigs feet - which are completely harmless and can actually be a new taste sensation worth trying.  However, one should keep away from those "exotic" places that have the meat of endangered species on the menu.  There are many endangered species in Vietnam, and by simply putting your feet into these restaurants, you will be 'helping' in the extinction of these animals.  So please stay away! 

Getting around in Vietnam

Public transportation in Vietnam is quite extensive and you can just about get anywhere.  No matter where your stop is, it is always within walking distance to a great experience.  

The fact that Vietnam has become such a great country to travel to is mainly due to its road development - which in turn has led to increasing traffic on the roads.  For security reasons, it is therefore recommended that you choose one of the larger and slightly more expensive bus companies, especially in the main artery between the Sorth and the South of the country.  Alternatively, take a train, which is also a really good way to experience Vietnam.  Even domestic flights are a good option - Vietnam Airlines has one of the world's most modern fleets and services the route between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi daily, with a Boeing 777.

Local buses and taxis are never a problem to find, and price-wise, it is also extremely affordable.  For example you can hire a taxi for a whole day and get a customized day trip - this is highly recommended, but make sure to agree on a price beforehand.  Also, choose a taxi from one of the major, well reputable taxi companies. 

A country in transformation

It is never too late - but Vietnam is developing very quickly, and maybe it will not be the same in five or ten years. Vietnam is a country that deserves to be explored now. 

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