White sand, turquoise water and palmtrees in Bahamas

Travel to Bahamas - Dreamy islands

Bahamas is exactly what many people associate with the Caribbean: white sandy beaches lined with palm trees, crystal clear water suited for snorkeling and flashy hotels and casinos where you can spot celebrities. Book your trip to the Bahamas with KILROY.

About an hours flight southeast of Miami in Florida, USA is one of Americans' favorite holiday destinations: Bahamas. This island nation consisting of 29 islands where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea, offers the perfect conditions for a relaxing, tropical beach holiday with swimming, snorkeling, diving, good food, drinks and casinos.

The approach in to these beautiful islands is fantastic. From the plane you can see how the green islands are surrounded by perfect white sandy beaches with turquoise water. An alternative to flying there is going by boat, as many visitors do. The Bahamas is one of the Caribbean's large and popular destinations for cruise liners.


Bahamas capital, Nassau

The capital Nassau is located on the island of New Providence, and this is where the trip in the Bahamas starts for most people. In Nassau, nearly everything is unfortunately rather expensive. But if you have enough money, it is fun to people watch and play (or be) a luxury tourist for a day or a week. Fortunately, there are many other islands in the Bahamas, which together offer a more varied range of possibilities.

San Salvador: Where Columbus first set his feet in the Caribbean

San Salvador is one of the easternmost islands in the Bahamas archipelago, and it was here that Columbus first set his feet, when he discovered 'the New World'. The island is a true paradise with plenty of white beaches with crystal clear, turquoise water and perfect conditions for the ultimate recreational holiday. In addition, you will find many ruins and shipwrecks in and around the island, which clearly reflects its dramatic past. In the middle of San Salvador you will find several beautiful lakes, which offers a fine alternative to the many beautiful beaches.


Eleuthera and Harbour Island

A few other highlights of the trip to the Bahamas, is the islands of Eleuthera and Harbour Island, both of which are straight out of an exotic dream; rich coral, white beaches, turquoise and deep blue water as well as charming villages and exotic pineapple fields.

We can also recommend the island Mayaguana, which is the most isolated and unspoiled of all the islands, as well as Bimini, offering the widest range of adventure such as kayaking and fishing.

Activities in Bahamas

A trip to the Bahamas can offer great entertainment and adventure on and in the water - primarily in the form of scuba diving and snorkeling. It's never a problem to find boats and tour operators who offer trips to the sea around the islands.

Another option on the main island of New Providence is the 'People to People' program which is a good way to meet local people.

Accommodation in Bahamas

Hostels are the cheapest accommodation option on the Bahamas.If money is no issue, there are plenty of hotels in all price ranges.

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