Barbados is truly a tropical paradise

Travel to Barbados - sea and sand

Barbados is a stunning tropical island in the Caribbean Sea surrounded by white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. It is not hard to fall into the sleepy rhythm - a nap in the hammock, barefoot in the sand, snorkeling before eating grilled seafood. Book your trip to Barbados with KILROY!

If you dream of soft, white, sandy beaches, sports activities on the water, pleasant relaxation and parties with lots of rum and calypso music - you should go to Barbados. Barbados is a true tropical dream destination.

Barbados' tropical climate gives the island the perfect touch with lots of beautiful flowers that explode in a rainbow of colors.

Best of Barbados

Barbados is the most eastern of the Caribbean islands and faces the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The two meet on the island's south coast, where a lot of nice small hotels and surfers welcome you. Yes, the island is popular with surfers. Barbados belongs to the island group of the Lesser Antilles and originally emerged as a volcanic island.

Make sure you go to the west coast of Barbados, where there are plenty of wonderful sandy beaches and coral reefs, while the east coast has more dramatic waves. No doubt that the inviting sand beaches are the island's absolute main attraction, not least those with good reefs and snorkelling close to shore. Try for example Carlisle Bay, here you will find lots of beautiful fish and coral.


Weather in Barbados

No matter what time of year you travel to Barbados, you are reasonably sure to get a lot of sun and heat. The best time of year is between December and May when the weather is a little cooler and more comfortable - and with less risk of tropical rain.

Accommodation in Barbados

Barbados has, like so many other islands in the Caribbean lots of top international hotels in the more expensive end. But fortunately you will also find a number of cheaper solutions in the form of guest houses and apartments - as well as mid-range hotels, mainly found in large numbers on the south coast. It is also here that you find most restaurants and the most lively atmosphere, while the west coast is more calm. The east coast has fewer hotels, but more dramatic landscapes - and a wilder sea.

Travel around Barbados

The most obvious way to explore Barbados is by bus. It costs next to nothing, and is fun and different - you may experience that the bus driver just need a little detour to deliver something to a friend, or that he stops at a roadside kiosk to buy something to drink.

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