Dominican Republic

Dreamy white beaches in the Dominican Republic

Travel to the Dominican Republic - A tropical dream

If you dream of velvety, powder white sand, relaxing under the swaying palm trees and enjoying views across the crystal clear Caribbean sea - then the Dominican Republic is a perfect destination for you. Book your trip to the Dominican Republic with KILROY!

The Dominican Republic is part of the mountainous island of Hispaniola (along with Haiti) that is halfway between North and South America, and thus is part of the tropical Caribbean. With its 7,000 islands and coral reefs it is one of the world's most coveted destinations among beach-lovers - and with good reason, for there are exquisite natural surroundings and a delicious warm climate with plenty of sunshine all year round. A trip to the Dominican Republic will make you feel like a new and better person!

Valleys and colorful fish in the Dominican Republic

On a trip to the Dominican Republic you will easily get the feeling of being inside a classic "postcard photo". You are surrounded by lush green valleys, beautiful waterfalls and mountains - not to mention stunning views of the sea, home to magnificent coral reefs, colorful fish and sea turtles.

Hiking in the Dominican Republic

The island's highest point is called Pico Duarte. If you like challenging hikes and climbs, and are not afraid to break a sweat, you should consider going to the top of this mountain. The trip takes a couple of days, and along the way you stop and stay in cottages that lie along the route.

Lago de Enriquillo and Este National

Explore the lowest point on this Caribbean island - the salt water lake, Lago Enriquillo is located 30 meters below sea level and contains water that is three times as salty as the water found along the coast. Or head to one of the island's great national parks, such as Este National Park where you can spot iguanas, dolphins and bats, as well as visit caves with prehistoric cave paintings. These places are among the absolute highlights in the Dominican Republic, and highly recommended if you feel like doing something other than soaking up the sun on the beach.

The history of the Dominican Republic

Hispaniola was discovered in 1492 by Columbus, who used the island as a starting point for his first expeditions to "the new world". Today you can still find many traces of the colonial era in the Dominican Republic; including the building style of old houses and churches. Here you'll find America's first university, which opened as early as 1538. The official language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish, but there are also French, African and Haitian influences in the local culture.

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