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Travel to Jamaica - Reggae man!

Jamaica is a tropical paradise located just south of Cuba and is without doubt the pearl among the West Indian islands. Reggae music and this nation's vibrant culture have affected the entire world. Jamaica can be said to be a paradise on earth! At KILROY you can find cheap flights to Jamaica!

 Sing along to the famous reggae song, Montego Bay, enjoy a fresh drink with the world's best rum or dive into the crystal clear water. Jamaica will undoubtedly take your breath away. The north and west coast is home to many of the Jamaica's famous tropical beaches. The inland consists of a paradise of mountain terrain, underground caves and rivers surrounded by exotic plants.

Jamaica's history

Christopher Columbus discovered Jamaica in the late 1400s after which the island was a Spanish colony. Some years later, the island was taken over by the British, while Jamaica in recent times, more or less, has been taken over by several generations of hippies - all of which have been fascinated by the island's charm, reggae music and lively culture. Jamaica is a destination that caters to all kinds of tourists, but the common denominator for all visitors is a like for the sun, beaches and a lovely atmosphere!

Life on Jamaica

Jamaica's motto is undoubtedly "No problem!" and "No worries" pronounced with the Jamaican singing dialect. Reggae music is played everywhere and colorful signs of reggae culture are visible wherever you move. The thriving musical culture has given us popular artists such as Bob Marley, Sizzla, Elephant Man, Brick & Lace, Sean Paul and many more.

The sun and the sea on Jamaica

Relax in a hammock in the shade of a palm tree while you close your eyes and listen to the ocean's melodies. Most tourists come to Jamaica because of the island's beautiful beaches, the vacation paradise of Montego Bay - a city that has been perpetuated through a Bobby Blooms song with the same name. But you can find more than just lovely sandy beaches here. The crystal clear sea surrounding the area is ideal for water sports such as diving and surfing. Sit back and enjoy the wonderful and long sandy beach Negril, the beautiful Dunn River Falls in Ocho Rios or the Seven Mile Beach with its white-sand dunes.

For the active traveler: Golf, hiking and markets

If you get tired of the sun and the beach, we recommend that you set out on a hike up Blue Mountain Peak. This is the highest point on Jamaica and from here you can enjoy the island from a totally different perspective. Golf can be played in beautiful surroundings in a number of golf clubs such as Half Moon Golf Club and Cinnamon Hills Golf Club. Check out the local markets where you can get great souvenirs and other interesting items. Wherever you go in Jamaica the island's fantastic charm, beautiful nature and warm smile make want to return!

Kingston - The capital of Jamaica

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica and also the largest English-speaking city in the Caribbean. This is a great place to explore Jamaica's culture and history. Take a trip to the Bob Marley Museum where you will find lots of fun and great memories from this reggae legend. Do you want to party all night Kingston's no doubt the right place for you!

Drinking and eating on Jamaica

A trip to Jamaica is not complete without a chance to enjoy Jamaican rum, a strong drink that might make your head turn around a bit! Local food is fantastic and consists of delicious grilled dishes, fish and seafood added colorful and aromatic spices. We guarantee a culinary adventure!

Accommodation on Jamaica

A great option is to stay at small budget hotels, but be sure to check the location because most of the inexpensive hotels are located miles away from where the action is. It may be worth paying a little more to stay central. Search for accommodation in Jamaica here.

Best time to visit Jamaica?

Jamaica has a subtropical climate, but because of the wind that blows in from the Caribbean Sea it rarely becomes too hot. High season is between December and April, while the rainy season lasts from May to November.

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