Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago are perfect for a relaxing holiday

Travel to Trinidad & Tobago - A Caribbean paradise

Trinidad & Tobago is a warm and passionate paradise full of Caribbean vibrations. In Trinidad & Tobago you are never bored; carnivals, calypso music, paradise beaches, rainforests, rum and an incomparable Caribbean atmosphere. Book your trip to Trinidad & Tobago with KILROY!

A trip to Trinidad & Tobago is exactly the Caribbean dream vacation, you dream of. The palm-filled beaches are straight out of a postcard. This and much more is what you find in Trinidad & Tobago, which consists of two islands, located just 11 km from the coast of Venezuela and thus the southernmost nation in the Caribbean.

Tranquility and relaxation in Tobago

Tobago is the smallest of the two islands, also in population terms with only 50,000 people. If you travel to the Caribbean to find peace and relaxation, we recommend that you rent a room or a bungalow in one of the small fishing villages on the island's north coast. Here, you could spend days in a hammock under the palm trees while sipping an ice-cold beer.

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Take it easy...

No one is busy in Tobago, in fact, time seems to go a little slower here than most other places. If you want to do some physical activities, you can hop on one of the local fishermen's boat out to sea. They will usually greet you with open arms.

If you enjoy other activities at sea, you can also easily find plenty of good snorkelling and diving sites, for example Cove Reef and Flying Reef near Crown Point on the island's south-west side. Likewise, you will find good surf spots on Tobago's north coast.

Tobago's lush temptations

If you travel around the island, you soon discover that this island is very green. Actually, renting a car and driving around on your own here is recommended - the roads are narrow and not always good, but there's almost no traffic. The island offers several idyllic fishing villages and many irresistible bays with amazing beaches. Alternatively, you can go hiking in the fascinating jungle and finish with a refreshing bath in one of the many beautiful waterfalls. Yes, a trip to Tobago is full of wonderful moments and surprises.



Trinidad is the big brother and the main island with 300,000 people in the capital, Port of Spain. Here you will find many of the same temptations as the younger brother Tobago, but otherwise Trinidad is probably best known for its magnificent carnival, which is the second largest in the world. The preparations alone for this impressive celebration is something else - they actually last most of the year. When the big event is finally happening in February, the entire city and the island is upside down. Everything is going crazy with parades, oil drums rhythms, magnificent costumes, plenty of rum, sweaty bodies and singing and dancing until dawn. Remember to mind your belongings - crime is especially high during the carnival in Port of Spain and Trinidad general.

Trinidad's natural resources

It is advisable to rent a car and enjoy the peace and quiet of driving around and exploring the magnificent scenery, beautiful coves and bays with inviting beaches, lush ridges, rainforests and exciting wildlife.


The food in Trinidad & Tobago

The cuisine on the islands is a cross between Indian and Caribbean traditions, and often quite spicy. Rice and beans are common commodities, and especially Tobago gets lots of delicious fish, including the popular kingfish and tuna.

Transport between Trinidad and Tobago

When you have to travel between Trinidad and Tobago, there are two options: a flight of about 15 minutes or by ferry which takes about 4 hours, but is much cheaper.

When to travel to Trinidad & Tobago?

All year! The weather is warm and inviting most of the year, but the rainy season is between June and November. However, the rain is typically just a brief shower or two during the day, followed by sunshine.

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