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Travel to San Jose - the entry way to Central America

San Jose is the capital and largest city of Costa Rica. One third of the Costa Rican population live in San Jose. Even though this is only around 120,000 citizens, the city is very lively. There are lots of students from around the world, so it is never boring. The people are friendly and welcoming and happy to help you with just about anything. Book your trip to San Jose with KILROY!

San Jose is a natural starting point for traveling in Costa Rica. It's easy to get around, even without any Spanish language skills. San Jose has no beach, but in 2-3 hours by bus you can go to either the Caribbean coast or the Pacific coast. Both coasts have magical beaches, but surfing is best on the Pacific coast! Just make sure to get on the right bus, as there are direct lines and less direct lines... In some cases you have to change buses at random times and places!

No street addresses in San Jose

There are no street addresses throughout Costa Rica and San Jose is therefore divided into zones. The most popular zone in the center is Avenida 1, and the numbers increase the further away from the center you move. Houses and buildings are low, and are often decorated in beautiful colors.


Shopping in San Jose

Shopping in San Jose is surprisingly good for surfing or skating gear. The city has a lot of surf, skate and streetwear shops, and you can really make a good deal on expensive brands like Volcom, DC, Globe and the like. The shops often have very exciting decorations that make you want to look inside.

In the city centre you can find everything from small local shops, cafés and pubs, to international cafés and restaurant chains. The most famous supermarket is El Mercado Central located in the middle. Here you can shop for everything from delicious, fresh and exotic fruits to fish, meat, bags and jewelry. The market is always full of people in typical Costa Rican style. A lovely atmosphere!

KILROY's travel tips in San Jose

If you are looking for a bit of action, you can visit "El Pueblo" which is a small "city" with more than 50 bars, restaurants, galleries and shops. You will most likely find a lot of tourists here. If you want to get away from the main touristy spots, you should visit the campus of San Pedro and the street Calle de la Amargura. Keep an extra eye on your belongings here because of pickpockets. In general, you can feel safe in San Jose and Costa Rica and you are always greeted with smiles from friendly people everywhere.

A visit to San Jose is a must before your next adventures in the jungle or the beach!

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