El Salvador

The Izalco Volcano in Cerro Verde National Park in El Salvador

Travel to El Salvador - Untouched and irresistable

Now is your chance to discover the untouched territory of El Salvador! This tiny country is fairly untouched so backpackers can get a unique experience. You will find wild volcanoes, huge surfe waves, black(!) sandy beaches and jungles with exciting wildlife.

Undiscovered paradise

If you want to go where few have been you should travel to El Salvador. Although the country is often remembered for its violent past, the reality today is quite different. Salvadorans are really nice people and the nature is unspoiled and beautiful. Trekkers will especially enjoy it since most of the country is ideal for hiking in the hilly volcanic landscapes and serene, beautiful forests.

There are a variety of untouched natural hotspots in El Salvador. For example, the Parque Nacional Montecristo-El Trifinio, a true gem located in the highlands with an abundant wildlife. Large parts of the park consists of so-called 'cloud forests', which gives it a very special and slightly mysterious touch. The forrest have many fabulous orchids, and you may also get a glimpse of a spider monkey or two. And if you are very lucky you might see a cougar. Also, the deserted and peaceful national park in Bosque El Imposible is worth a visit for its wild and beautiful scenery.

Volcano in El Salvador

Volcanic landscapes and colonial towns in El Salvador

One of El Salvador's best national parks is Parque Nacional Los Volcanes, which is comprised of three volcanoes, which Volcan San Salvador is perhaps the most attractive. It has two peaks, and up here you have a fantastic view of the crater. It is located just next to San Salvador - the capital of El Salvador.

There are also volcanoes around the lake Lago de Coatepeque, which contains the clearest and most compelling bathing water - bring your swimsuit and jump in while enjoying the beautiful views of the surrounding volcanoes.

El Salvador also offers interesting culture, including Central America's response to Pompeii, the Mayan ruins of Joya de Ceren, who is on UNESCO's list of World Heritage. There are also Mayan pyramids in Tazumal and interesting ruins in San Andrés.

Beaches and islands - Surfing and diving

There are plenty of fine sandy beaches and small tropical islands in El Salvador. La Isla de Méndez is perhaps the best! This is a very charming fishing village with friendly and helpful locals and small, pristine palm beaches.

Sustainable, eco-oriented tourism is a big issue in El Salvador. This small country really makes great efforts to contribute to sustainable tourism, and places like Isla de Olomega and Isla El Cajete are among the best examples of the country's 'green' profile. Surfing or diving is possible on several of these beaches.


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