San Salvador

Basilica Del Sagrado Corazon De Jesus in San Salvador

Travel to San Salvador - a mixture of everything

San Salvador is located at the foot of the volcano of the same name. The city is an interesting and exciting mix of architecture, culture, art galleries, good nightlife and a modern metropolis. Take time to wander among beautiful churches and green parks, and enjoy the charm of San Salvador! Book your trip to San Salvador with KILROY!

At first glance El Salvador's capital, San Salvador, appears as a quiet city with many contrasts. A mixture of old and new, and apparently poor and dirty. San Salvador, however, has undergone major changes over the past decade, and today the city is full of international brands, restaurants and shopping malls.

Culture in San Salvador

If you want to experience the cultural side, you can go to the marketplace at Central Plaxa Barrios. The colorful cathedral Cathederal de San Salvador is located here, and on the opposite side of the square you will find the National Palace, which is monitored by the statues of Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella II of Spain. Behind the cathedral you will find is the beautiful National Theatre which was painted by Italian craftsmen. If you have an interest in art and the human body you should head to the anthropology museum ÿMunaÿ and art museum MARTE (Museo de Arte).

Shopping, nightlife and Salvador del Mundo

If shopping is more your thing, we recommend going to the Metro Centro and Bulevar de los Heroes, where the latter is Central America's largest shopping mall! After your shopping, it's time to go out and the city has many good bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

Each year in the first week of August there is a festival commemorating Salvador del Mundo, the nation's protective saint, consisting of lots of fun and is definitely worth seeing if you are in San Salvador during that time.

Activities in San Salvador

For the active backpacker there are plenty of exciting activities to choose from! Try fishing, snorkeling, kayaking and golfing by the country's largest volcano lake Ilopango. If its sunny go to the beach town of La Libertad. The waves are big, so surfers also feel at home here.

Accommodation in San Salvador

Zona Rosa is the oldest, yet most modern area and consists of a number of luxury hotels, bars and restaurants. But are you looking for a more budget friendly option there are much to choose from in and around San Salvador.

Cuisine in San Salvador

San Salvador offers a wealth of excellent international restaurants. We gladly recommend trying out the local eateries which serves traditional dishes, often mixed with flavors from the Italian, French or Mexican cuisine.

Climate in San Salvador

San Salvador has a tropical climate, which means that the year is divided into the rainy season and dry season. The rainy season lasts from May to October, with rainfalls up to 200 cm. The dry season is between November and April. The temperature is around 25-29 degrees year round.

Transportation in San Salvador

Taxi is the best option for local transportation. There is also an international bus company with good service and standard leaving from the bus terminal Terminal Puerto Bus. Buses are generally affordable and effective in San Salvador.

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